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  1. +1 Always see you on the server and no problems with you. However, it would be great if you would get a mic too.
  2. -1 for now. More effort needs to be put into your application on how you stand out from other applicants. More activity on the server would be great too.
  3. All seem like good interesting additions except for the portable tester. I feel that the portable tester may skew the game towards the detectives, as it allows detectives to quickly find true innocents and assure that they protect the detective.
  4. -1 for now. Never saw you on the server as of yet and would like more interactions to have a gauge on maturity, competency etc
  5. +1 as applicant is very active on the server. However, would like more expansion on how you stand out from other applicants.
  6. -1 for now. Looks as though not much effort was put into the application, including how you stand out from other applicants. Additionally, when posting a report in the ban report section, you did not use the proper format (which would have took 2 seconds to find out). Going from this, I am apprehensive that you may be instantly slaying players without taking the time to find out more about their case.
  7. +1 Showed commitment by buying VIP and no problem with in the server
  8. +1 App looks decent and him buying VIP shows that he'll be commited to the server.
  9. -1 There were always reports on you and sometimes you would give an improper answer to the report. Other times, you would leave the server with numerous slays left due to mass rdm. Would need to see a change of behaviour in the future.
  10. Quintex

    Name colours

    For me, I don't think there is much need for mods to have a specific colour name for text chat since we can just PM the players their infractions etc. Donators may have specific colour names since they donated
  11. @Enigma permanently banned you. He will provide the proof.
  12. The voting system is best to tackle problems of replayability/size of maps: if there are little people in the server then they will automatically vote for a small sized map. Adding a good amount of iconic maps provides the options for players to choose what maps they want
  13. Iconic TTT Maps (some may need CSS): TTT_island_2013 TTT_whitehouse_v9 Ttt_borders_b20 ttt_Clue_se TTT_Dolls ttt_canyon_a4 ttt_community_pool ttt_xmas_nipperhouse ttt_community_bowling ttt_richland TTT_Bank_b13 ttt_bb_schooldayv3_r3 TTT_Terrorception ttt_67thway_v14 ttt_ski_resort_a5_f1 ttt_starfish_island ttt_bb_suburbia_b3 ttt_theship_v1 ttt_vessel ttt_scarisland_b1 ttt_hairyhouse TTT_Chaser ttt_rooftops_a2_f1 TTT_Lost_Temple (needs CSS) ttt_camel_v1 (needs CSS) ttt_airbus_b3 (needs CSS) ttt_plaza_b7 (needs CSS) Minecraft-only TTT maps: TTT_MC_Island17 ttt_mc_67thway ttt_mc_teenroom TTT Minecraft-Island ttt_mc_skyislands TTT Minecraft Clue ttt_mc_plaza_v4 ttt_mc_pool_r [remake] TTT_mc_rooftops_2016 TTT Minecraft-Island
  14. -1 You sometimes troll on the server when you are bored. I even got RDMed by you and you trolled the report.
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