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  1. If we need more maps in the future hmu. I tested all these maps for bishop to take some shit off his plate. Hope they get used in an exciting way
  2. @Broku
    We're pretty cool ngl.

    1. Broku


      We do be lookin good tho

  3. 100% agree with Python on this one. It makes factions look much more unified when they are on the scoreboard together. Also, the scoreboard was based on jobs to where (correct me if I'm wrong) Z would be top and A would be on the bottom and all special characters would be on the top above Z. Scoreboard looks a little wacky when everyone is spread out like this. Thank you for all of the other shit you fixed Garnet!
  4. Sorry to double post but I just wanted to ask you Garnet if it would be possible to make the 3 room bunks like we have now on Delta. It really comes in handy to have multiple rooms to do shit in and maybe you could just take the ones from Delta and just put them onto Omega. To explain where they would fit: I think the far right and far left side of the base you could put them on both sides. Perhaps you could take away a bit of the runway/the crates on the right to make space? If you need me to elaborate (only if this is possible) please let me know and I would be happy to.
  5. The only issue I really had on this map was with PP. (Power Plant). In my opinion, I think it's the most overlooked and underwhelming OBJ on the map and throwing in some more rocks, trees, and barricades around wouldn't hurt. To explain more in depth: Ignore the arch (older SS) but I think the bottom right portion of this screenshot could use some more rocks/trees. Next part I would change is to add some more random broken down cars, sandbags, and boxes near the outskirts just to provide a bit more cover. Lastly, this may have been said already but just to be sure, the top right of the SS at the corner of the walls, I would say removing or moving that rock. It's been a popular place people headglitch and camp and I think it could case more issues in the future. Perhaps making it taller/shorter to make it harder to headglitch on? Thanks!
  6. mfw Garnet takes my pink name away 😐😐😐😐😐

  7. For those of you who are unable to and or don't want to go and look at the maps yourself, I've decided to compile some Screenshots of the maps. TaigaV3: OBJ's: (Basically a reskinned version/original version of Chaharikar's Town OBJ) US Base: RU/AFG Base: (On Taiga, there are a lot of sim spots and other small areas around the map, but I chose not to put them in due to this post being too long) Echov1 US Base: RU/AFG Base: OBJ's: Omega: US Base: RU/AFG Base: OBJ's: For this SS, the large building on the far left is cons/construction, the one with the turqoise dome over it just right of that is Mosque/Mos, the building with the helipad is shipment, and lastly that far right place with the wall is Silo. Chaharikar: OBJ's: US Base: RU/AFG Base: Won't be making one for Delta as it's our current map and you can just hop on and explore yourself!
  8. Rust

    buddy is a beast fr

  9. Happy BDay ENS Gabbro. Let's hope Caspian doesn't get pissed at us for losing his Tea again...

    1. Jake


      too late

    2. Captainswag


      That is Captain Gabbro to you

  10. Community management I'm on LOA right now due to some friends visiting so don't expect a lot out of me in this I'm up to do anything thrown at me for whatever server. Whether it's brainstorming ideas, general help on any of the GMod GG servers, HR work, getting any server on its feet, etc. Been here since early 2020 where I first started out as a S. Mod on DRP, then moved to SWRP and achieved the rank of Admin/GM before the server shut down. After this I migrated over to MRP for a bit becoming a GM, resigning and taking a month break then rejoining MRP and am now happily at T. Admin and HR Staff. I think my experience on GG will make me capable to do most things on any server or on Discord/TS. I also believe this experience shows that I'm willing to help with anything that may be thrown at me. I'm in TS most of the day, pretty active on forums, and mainly active on MRP and DRP here and there when I get a bit bored of MRP. I've always been someone who likes to help out people in anyway I can and I believe I've shown and can continue to show that with this position. I've served 0 bans and only I believe 2 warns on DRP back in early 2020 when I was just starting out. But since then I've held a clean record other than a few meme bans. I have a shit ton of free time on my hands and I already commit most of it to Garnet so at this point, why not shoot for this. But also, for my full experience for leadership n stuff etc peep the forum signature and it has all my ranks in chronological order. and sidenote, I honestly wouldn't be here for the money nor would I need / want it. I'd just like to help out on GG anyway I can. Thank you!

  11. spacer.png

    1. Bortnik_


      its ok son, come here, give me hug

  12. @Jake very appropriate forum rank.

  13. Swag, my man, you don't need to apologize. This isn't your fault. I think I speak for everyone by saying that nobody blames you or holds anything against you for not getting more information or getting in closer contact. Not your fault. Also I think I speak for everyone by saying you didn't let anyone down like I said for not getting more info. You tried your best without being pushy, which is what you needed to do. Lova ya homie
  14. So wwyd if I toggled on the droids?

    1. eli_


      give u a dollar

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