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  1. People just suck ass sometimes y'know?

    1. Theta2


      I prefer eating ass but yeah

    2. eli_
    3. Theta2


      I feel like if you suck on some ass you will get a mouthfull of shit particles

  2. Just spent like 30 minutes trying to get a 2nd monitor to work with no success. Feelsbadman
    : (

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    2. Garnet


      I mean.. monitors are pretty straight forward, you plug them in and you're good to go?

    3. eli_


      That's what I thought as well but I believe there isn't power running to my ports. Not sure what the issue is exactly but one of my friends knows how to fix it I believe so we'll see.

    4. Bortnik_


      Yeah mine only has one input HDMI, so I have to get a single hdmi to double, but I don’t have two monitors (yet)so \_(•_•)_/

  3. Been looking back at all my older SWRP Screenshots. Back when things were simpler on SWRP. Wish I could go back in time and vibe with these homies once again. Stalin is still on DRP, Yung joined the army and Discharge is now working and just busy with school n shit. Anyway just found this screenshot and it brought me back.


    41st 2LT 5466 eli salutes with a tear in his eye.

  4. Only the 3rd week of school and I already hate my 6:30 classes LOL

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    2. eli_


      AM. Mans gotta fix his sleep schedule now. No more staying up past like midnight 😐

    3. Captainswag


      Gonna miss late night monkey man hours...

    4. eli_


      Maybe on weekends, Swag : )

  5. How's everyone doing today?

  6. Thanks for clarifying. I knew it was from 2017 after a little bit and then I tried to get people from freaking out lmao cause I knew it was old.
  7. Don't need to thank people for sticking around. We all need to thank you for building this community and even being so dedicated you took a year off of medical school to get some shit done. THANK YOU!
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