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  1. GMs can't spawn weapons, is there a way around that for breaching charges?
  2. oooo pool is a really good map, good update my dude
  3. I like that you're trying something different, even tho this is the beginning and alot of people don't like it, I think of it as a more fleshed out prestige system, and at the same time everyone will be avaliable to take advantage of the system. anyways whatever you decide to do i think that you're in the step of a better direction , I think that since not one person and everyone will have this avaliable to them, it should be looked at more as a reason to grind...
  4. I like the update personally not a fan of charikar and would love to see like original echo return, had a good mix of CQC and Sniping, maybe echo original with mountain fixes idk, I really thought it was a solid map!
  5. I've never played taiga v3 so I voted for it. I also don't think the original echo was bad, had good cqc and cover plus tunnels. I think revised echo was what people didn't like but idk much so I could be wrong
  6. I don't know if it has to do with hit reg update or just ghillie models, but I put at least 10 shots dead on with orsiris and not one registered, could have been on my clients side. I don't really know how this all works
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