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  1. I've been thinking about this and trying to work on it for a couple days and I finally completed the map (Some other ideas I had that people can make if they can : Coliseum(5v5 knife only) and Jedi VS Sith(1v1 knife only), but the one I made and can still be worked on a bit is Junkyard (3v3) (DC-15A) It is made on 4 32x32 base plates with 2 16x32 walls for each side with around 46 props (not including walls and floor but I can make it lower) It is not perfectly symmetrical but has around the same cover on each side, I utilized color and material for the walls and floor to try and replicate a dark sand. I used older rusty and broken down props for everything but the crane side spawn. The fire and embers in the middle area are to add some cover so people don't peak through the pile and for ambiance. Some changes that were made after the photo: Y-wing, Broken TX-130 and Vulture were moved to the walls to protect spawn. AAT was moved to be with MTT to get rid 0f big open space. https://imgur.com/a/y2VtUbc
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