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  1. I understand if you had other things going on, but don't lie. I didn't spam. I asked you a few times bc I thought you were just afk (which u were) and there were a bunch of rdmers going crazy. If u saw the messages, why not respond to me really quickly and just say "we are dealing with it". You only did that after a few rounds passed.
  2. I had to kill him because he and his friends were mass RDMing while you were playing around in spectator deathmatch. You also slayed me without reason earlier today, and when i tried to talk to you about it you wouldn't respond. I spoke to other admin who said they dealt with you, but clearly you haven't learned because you continue to do the bare minimum, adding slays without checking damage logs or chat logs. You were afking for time earlier and I honetly don't think you have an objective reference for evaluation. Sorry if this came off as aggressive, I'm just trying to give context to your review.
  3. In-game name:Young Metro Age: 18 SteamID (https://steamid.io/):STEAM_0:0:150025117 Timezone: US Central How many hours do you have on the server? 8 Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a/or microphone?: Yes Do you have the ability to screen-record while playing on TTT?: Yes Referral(s): [What administrator recommended you to apply?] Enigma Past experiences as staff: Lenny Face Gaming TTT, DR, ZS, and Sandbox Admin Why should we choose you over other applicants? I have a lot of experience moderating TTT servers, with over 800 hours logged on just TTT for my previous Admin position. I left that position because I got into college early and I had to take 23 credit hours , which ate up all my time. But now that I am in my final semester, I have time to play again and I am willing to dedicate much of it to this server. I am good with communication and I always try to follow the rules. I think I am relatively kind and a peaceful person, and I will use this to mitigate conflict in the server. I created my own server from scratch once, but maintaining it was a hassle because I also needed to study and shit. That's why I hope to expand from being a mod in the TTT server. I can be a mod and maybe even help out with bugs in different game modes if you guys want me to fix them. I also know how to juggle. I bet not a lot of other applicants know how to juggle. How much time will you be contributing to this role? Around 4 hours a day except friday and saturday nights, I usually can’t get on then. And I will definitely remain an admin until next year or the year after.
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