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  1. you do realize that flicking is a way that people aim and a way that i like to have fun when i aim, also known as cursor dancing; i don't script, i don't cheat. also i flick to compensate for the awful hitboxes gmod has sometimes; initially that should've been a headshot but i have to aim incorrectly to actually hit people on this game
  2. wait you really think im hacking lmao
  3. i'm almost certain it was a person as they slayed me before actually banning me, and i remember seeing their name in chat and on leaderboard as well, meaning an actual person was behind it(assumedly)
  4. so i joined your server like 10 minutes ago, started playing and testing out how well i could bhop on these server settings, with little to no avail. so i began playing normally, checking out the points shop to see if i could start spawning with weapons, etc. etc. then out of nowhere i get slain on my t round and banned permanently for "hacking" while i am not using any external assistance whatsoever. i remember seeing trial mod by their name when i had checked tab(the person who banned/slayed me), it doesn't state who banned me in the reason and i cannot find a link to the gBan site anywhere in the forums so i assume it's kept secret from the public. i'd like to know how i was hacking and why a trial mod without evidence obviously slayed me and banned me on my t round(not to mention the fact that my t buddy outed us both as soon as the round started, which is teaming)
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