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  1. Common theme on this server. Abusive/new admins who don't respect when they're in the wrong or with insufficient evidence.
  2. I guess that's good to know? I don't have aim-hacks either way and video recording was inadequate at best.
  3. Oh boy, this wasn't even the round I thought you were talking about. First off, I see nothing out of the ordinary. There were flicks, for sure, but nothing incriminating. "At around 33 seconds pause the video slow it down to .25 and lets [sic] start." A couple of things I would like to point out: I have 1997 hours in Garry's Mod with an additional 1233 in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I know how source aiming works. Garry's Mod is a 15+ year old game, the spectator function isn't going to be exact to client-side. Notice how there was a delay in between the movement of my mouse, that was not present client side. (Only truly noticeable at .25 speed) Also note that the guy jumped forward in time (in the video) meaning the video isn't on-par with what had happened. Anti-cheat would have caught me if I was cheating as I have no idea how that works. If I was cheating, in this case aim-hacking (?), I would have definitely hit a shot on the people in the lighthouse.
  4. I'd like to add my input to the video. His movement isn't anything noteworthy Those flicks aren't impossible to hit and if you have hours in any source game, you're bound to pick up tricks. For instance, if you play CS a lot, you're going to pick up some bunny-hopping skills as well as some aim. He missed 4 of his shots and was actively aiming his flicks
  5. Oops, didn't follow the format properly the first time. My mistake
  6. Honestly, I have no idea what to think of this. I have no cheats or intentions to cheat. I went on gmod the other day for nostalgia and played some TTT on this server and was having a fun time. My first T round I got 12 kills! My bhops were a little off, but everything seemed fine. Anyway, I got off to play another game with friends and found out today that I had been banned, but added by the admin Enigma. He says he has plenty of evidence against me. I find this hilarious, but he won't give me a proper reason unless I post here. So, have a wonderful day. In-game name: Hayden SteamID (https://steamid.io/): https://steamcommunity.com/id/Carsinthesky/ Staff members in-game name: Enigma Staff members SteamID (/id (name): https://steamcommunity.com/id/EnigmaPlays/ Date & Time of incident: Feb 09, 2020. 9:01 P.M. Timezone: EST Ban Reason: Cheating (?) How long were you banned for?: Permanently Proof of Ban: https://imgur.com/3tlIaPf What happened? (include any proof): I honestly have no idea Why should your ban be removed?: I wasn't cheating at all. I was just having a good time and hitting nice shots.
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