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  1. Back In SSO, Feels Good

    1. Kendal


      Congrats man

  2. Happy 4th of July! Hope you guys have a great day.

  3. I miss my SSO boys 😞 @MRPAce @Salmon @Zachman @Python @Redacted

    1. Bortnik_


      Ethan’s >...🥱

    2. Cold Soldier

      Cold Soldier


      @Ethan That's the SSO boi I miss 😕 

  4. UPDATE : The cough got better, but I can defiantly tell I have symptoms. Who knew ramen is so yummy when you have corona.

    1. JimtheScubaDiver


      get well soon ❤️

  5. Wow a day after I resign I test positive for Covid - 19. 

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    2. JimTrash


      Get well soon, dog

    3. Homast


      Don't Die now.
      In all Seriousness, Stay Hydrated, and keep away from your family members for the time being, Last thing you need is to infect them as well

      I wish you the best health

    4. Aparh


      Payback for leaving the Community 🙂

      Nah but fr feel better and get well soon. Make sure to follow all the proper precautions and get some rest.

  6. See you guys

  7. Goodnight boys, love yall

  8. Good morning, say it back 

  9. So when that 20% XP boost going to be added to tier classes cause that’s the main reason why I bought it?

  10. I would really love to see Revision C as opposed to the current lighting. It wouldn’t really effect anything at all and make it more aesthetic which I personally enjoyed from Chaharikar and EchoeV2 Revision F - I remembered when spawn rooms on delta is now what we consider GRU and PDSS bunks but I think people complained about how to far from the gates were from them and I’m sure that’s why it was switched to cafeteria. Now having a different rooms where people can chill/bumper cars sounds like somewhat of a good idea.
  11. I guess I have a best friend named Charlie I never knew about

  12. Yo anyone got like $10?

  13. I’ve been sober for about a year now, you can get through this. The pain along the way will be tough but just know there’s a good light at the end of the road. Stick through it man you got this 

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