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  1. I think that age is not an issue there are 10year olds more mature than a 40 yo I can dedicate a lot of hours every day to it with the paragraphs I misread that thought that it was 2 paragraphs maximum, the age is there so that they don't get immature staff. Just trying to explain myself I really want this I have played 90hours of rust this week over 10hours a day avg
  2. IGN:4.20pm Age:15 Steam ID:76561198919638436 Alternative link to profile https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198919638436/ I have a microphone and can get team speak if needed Do you have the ability to screen share while playing rust YES I saw it pop up in the rust chat and thought that it might be a good idea to try it out The only past experience I have of staff was when I owned a clan with 30+ people You should pick me this is why I would make a good staff member because I want to learn and I work well with others I think that I would be able to help out the sierra 2x by keeping the chat clean of trolls and profanity as well as helping out new players or experienced players with the commands and just getting started. I do not tollerate hackers so I could handle that area well also with abusive players I would not ban anyone that I wasn't 100% sure were cheating. I was very excited when I found out that I had the chance to become a staff on this server because I feel like I would make a good staff member and have never had the opportunity to be in a position like this. I have seen a lot of bullying and getting harassed myself on rust and would love to be able to do something about that I feel like a lot of the time I see people needing staff or an admin online and there is no one I think that I would help solve that issue. I made 1 application about 2 hours ago but did not realise I had to submit it in this format I can contribute 4h+ on weekdays and upto 8hours or more on sundays I play baseball, football and play rainbow six siege
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