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  1. 200 days, 200 days ago we all lost a great friend, In those 200 days So much has changed yet so much will remain the same. RIP Gam Gam

  2. Happy 3 year anniversary of joining garnet fucker šŸ™‚

  3. Osama Bin Laden Whore

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  4. hey fellas get me to -1 rep, please

  5. Why did you have a blue name for like 10 seconds? Me curious now

  6. Why so many negative reactions?



      Because everything they did was either cringe or dumb

  7. Bro be careful your gonna run out of cringe emotesĀ 

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      Well than it comes down to him running out of cardboard boxes

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  9. Now that the submissions are done with I just want to upload something I cooked like 3 months ago but turned out to be the best thing I have ever cooked. https://ibb.co/Pgqr4mR That was the main part of the meal, 2 New York Strips the best steaks I have ever had by far, I put some olive oil on them and some salt and let them rest for 45 mins while I started whipping up some mashed potatoes and stewed Shallots. Once it was time to cook the steak I got my pan as hot as humanly possible to the point where even though I had nothing In it it started to smoke and then I put the steak in for 2 mins on each side before taking it off of the burner to let it rest. After slicing it turned out like so https://ibb.co/D5dxbhg And after getting it all plated up It looked like this, https://ibb.co/23ZHvz1 The shallots were stewed in butter until they started to fry at which point I let them cook down until they were fully caramelized. This was the best thing I have ever cooked and it was fairly easy so never be too afraid to try and make something you have never tried before. BTW this was the 2nd time I had ever cooked steak If we were allowed to submit old things that we had cooked I woulda submitted this NGL WAIT FUCK ARE THE IMAGES NOT WORKING :*( https://ibb.co/23ZHvz1 https://ibb.co/Pgqr4mR https://ibb.co/D5dxbhg
  10. Gettin a little harsh with the dumb reacts wouldnt you say???

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      @BINLADINHOEĀ @OpTic Gunner You guys are the pinnacle of wierd ass reactionsĀ 

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      i was only being honest man

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  11. Ey pog you got banned on DRP nowĀ 

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      Banned for FailRP tf

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      @HorseyyyĀ nah thats me. I got raided, he destroyed my printers, I relogged, he reported me and I left the server a minute later not doing anything

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  13. Please don't hurt me, I'll give you my sheckles

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  14. https://ibb.co/CVmxfJn So what I was doing was a pair of Salmon fillets and asparagus with a balsamic reduction. Pretty simple all I did was season the salmon with salt and lemon pepper and put my asparagus in with some balsamic and started that on low heat, just enough to give it a bear simmer. Once I finished that I took the salmon and put it in the oven at 375 untill it was just starting to turn dark pink around the center. https://ibb.co/BjsGG71 After I put the Salmon in the oven I remembered I had some baby carrots that had different colors so I cooked them in about a table spoon of butter and a bunch of honey until the carrots were fully cooked through. Once those were done I added a small splash of thyme to them and put them on a plate along with the asparagus and salmon. https://ibb.co/hWznwcg All in all it was a pretty healthy filling dinner that tasted amazing and filled both me and my mother for the night.
  15. If we did multiple recipes could we put in several and just put one as the actual entry?
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