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  1. This mans actually ban evaded AND TALKED TO THE STAFF ASKING WHY HE WAS BANNED XD

    1. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      old news. 

  2. Hello Bin Man!

  3. I just pulled an 18 hour day and got all my grades to B’s when they were F’s as I started GOOD NIGHT GARNET GAMING!

  4. Just drank 2 bang energy drinks and am now busting out a months work of homework in a 24 hour period, Pray for me boys  XD

    1. Aparh


      POGU, Have fun with that.

  5. This genuinely makes me sad NGL, Is there anyway this could be modified to be a year round thing?
  6. I hope you enjoy the 13 beers and 6 shots you have taken so far, cause its about to get a lot worse >:D

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    2. LeKichi


      Plus 9 drinks I took over for you!

    3. Shin_Tsukimi


      If you get my husband drunk and do dirty shit to him I'll kill you @BINLADINHOE

    4. LeKichi


      Is he alive though? 

  7. Dude why are you following everyone, dont you find it pointless?

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    2. jaylen


      shut up cum guy is awesome

    3. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      Why are you being such a baby about it he’s literally only following people on the forums. Literally has no impact on anyone.  stop being a Winy bitch tbh you’re so mad for a  stupid reason @BINLADINHOE Talking about pointless you saying this was the most pointless shit I saw on forums  for like some time.

    4. jaylen
  8. Anyone else just enjoy chilling to Vietnam era music while doing homework?

    1. Soldier


      Berserk's main theme is the way I go for doing homework with music.

    2. ajbedhead


      I honestly like any type of music.

  9. BRICK!, Ngl tho its so retardedly fun to use a brick to bash in your friends heads in.
  10. I just want to say this has to be my favorite update to any of your servers, It really brings the community together to try and kill the assorted enemy's, I really enjoy just setting up with 2 other dudes and shooting RPGs into the hordes, I genuinely wish something like this was in the game year round!
  11. So I just got internet back after getting hit by what was basically a category 3 hurricane in the middle of a land locked state, I woke up to a tree falling over at 5 AM, Shits pretty damn crazy.

    1. eli_


      Glad you're still alive mate 

  12. binlad i said yes bc i was going to but i cant find it



      ? What are you saying I gave you a -1 on your app because it does not look as though you put a lot of effort into it, Also if you needed to respond to me I dont fully understand why you put this in a status update instead of a PM...

    2. ShadowSS


      cause i can only do one


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