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  1. Maybe if you beg for the ban wipe it will come faster


  2. Anyone know good techniques in surfing? personally I cant surf to save me life but surfing because sucking in everything else gets boring after a while. Also this is the first post in the section which means that I am four parallel universes ahead of you. But yeh surfing tekneeks pls
  3. Lala Im flooding the market so you get NOT STONKS

  4. (Excluding Today) 2 days until I return to my final year of metal abuse. 
    And 14 until I relinquish the status "minor" from my life

    1. Haqlash


      return to school for my final year of mental abuse*


    2. aleks
    3. Romulus


      why would you abuse metal, thats just rude

  5. I like A + D (ordered alphabetically). A.) This selection isnt actually personally mine but I do see some of the younger players complain about the fog. Though I personally think the fog is fine on Delta, I indefinitely would have a strong opinion in favour of this had it been for Charharikar. D.) Yeh I have noticed my FPS dip from time to time and I trust your judgement when you say that this is a factor to FPS loss considering I personally wouldnt know myself. This change also might help some others who struggle in FPS wise, and a general boost in FPS is always nice.
  6. Barack Obama Plays Mouth Harp

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