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  1. I noticed quite a bit of extra FPS and I noticed the render distance change (made me think my base disappeared as I floated to it) and I see a lot of people reporting FPS boosts as well, bravo Garnet
  2. This is true; skeleton doesn't have this issue.
  3. If no one else has this issue then yeah I probably gotta clean up addons
  4. Brick is completely black in first-person, does anyone else have this? #BrickGang
  5. Does anybody know where the DarkRP Addon list has gone?

    1. ajbedhead


      Im not sure where it went on the forums but heres a link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1679464404

  6. Wow, didn't think I'd log in and see such a huge update! The vending machine relocation and pet sharks are huge.
  7. Thanks for giving us an idea of the issue. I figured something whacky was happening behind-the-scenes, just didn't think it'd be Facepunch themselves.
  8. Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today.

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