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  1. the staff on the ark rp servers are abusing there power i was forcefully disconnected by staff 5+ times and then banned falsely for nitrp

  2. You put staff abilities into reports and appeals accepted not suggestions 

    1. ajbedhead


      Yeah u did tho lmao

  3. Wake up with 15 notifications and its just you blowing them up with accepted and denied 

  4. hey man, thanks for shortening my ban i really enjoy playing on the server and it kinda hurt to  get that 2 week ban i appreciate it and will definitely learn from my mistakes! 

  5. Congrats Diego on getting Manager, I feel like you and Proggy would make a good team. 

    1. Bortnik_


      TE amo diego

  6. Imagine not being able to open your mailbox.

    1. gia


      wtf this is a serious issue

  7. Diego is ok. Otherwise just normal. Hates proggerz.

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