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  1. Bad staff he warned me for rdm when it’s clear self defense 

    1. DepressionBird


      Sorry boi not staff anymore XD

  2. Out of curiosity, how would one appeal a warn?

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    2. DepressionBird


      Very simply I was warned for spam for posting one comment in a post I wasn't meant to post in. That is not spam by definition

    3. Toucan


      It is spam, you're not supposed to post on ban appeals you aren't involved in to avoid spamming the replies with unneeded comments.

    4. DepressionBird


      It isn't spam is 

      irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients

      which was not irrelevant. Not inappropriate.

      the comment was necessary because the staff member didnt seem to know that  hits don't reset nearly as often

  3. Was that really advertising? I never said the name of the server the mod or anything... alrighty if back to hibernation 

  4. I need melatonin 

    1. RegretTheManEater


      I ate all mine.

    2. Romulus


      you need melanin


  5. Ngl, I think I may got  THE SICK. I'm have alittle trouble breathing and sometimes it hurts. IDK  maybe I just need to drink more water like the nurses always tell me

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    2. Entity


      Soda will dehydrate you man, might end up making it worse.

    3. DepressionBird


      But it taste so good the fizzles

    4. chingchew


      If you wanna die faster, keep drinking it. If not, drink some water. 

  6. Thursdays are garbage.

    1. Coyotee


      Fuck it's garbage day, thanks for the reminder

    2. DepressionBird


      Friday is garbage day, just have it out by 4am and you are good!

  7. Am tired. But I have a charity stream to do ughrjdbfu.

    1. Topshot1


      Good luck man!

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