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  1. What can I use my scramble points for?
  2. @JammySpammy you coming back?

    1. Gythem


      /unban JammySpammy false ban

  3. https://ibb.co/pLyjVbB

    How have you done this? You have broken all laws of  the forums and I have no idea how to feel about this.

    1. JackJJ


      Their post was just that bad, he had to give them 2 negative reps, regardless of all laws of nature and physics.

    2. Salmon


      Bro deadass I have no idea but it shall stay and be a memorial

  4. Is kevlar and the vending machine items like MREs making a return? I wouldn't recommend flash bangs making a return either. Otherwise maybe add it to a/the GIGN class(es)
  5. Bring back the minecraft theme

    1. Salmon


      Hello my name is Salmon and welcome to my shitpost

  6. [Garnet Gaming Logo] go kinda hard doe

    1. Salmon


      I was on my phone lmao

    2. hysteria


      randy you want my email?


  7. Time to wait a week for the MRP staff roster to drop

  8. Sorry @Zachman but @WeebMaster has replaced you

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    2. Pencil


      guys have you heard of undertale its like this pixel rpg game and there is really cool skelton guy

    3. Zachman


      Never heard of it! Sounds interesting especially when people bring it up constantly when I haven't played it in months!

    4. VBSA
  9. @Zachman is the horse girl of garnet gaming but with Sans Undertale

    1. Zachman


      No thats who @giais dating and cheating on with @LyndeFish idiot, go make out with your tanks 

    2. Salmon


      Mald harder

  10. There's a MP5A5 meta for a reason. Use it since it's good or just call the people use shit and move on. Its not hard to counter the A5. Just be good
  11. Soap pretty much said what we all probably have to say. If you're looking at gun categories, shotguns as a whole need need a rework with damage drop off i
  12. @Zachman stop spamming smh my head

  13. -1 Very cringe, Undertale AU obsession kinda weird ngl

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    2. Salmon


      Wait wasn't I removing you from my faction? @Zachman

    3. Zachman


      wait your faction! i thought it was  python who was PKN!!


    4. Salmon


      Haha not yet 😉

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