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  1. Could you post a official add on list for city rp if you do not intend to compress those? Whenever I join some of the cars are errors and unfortunately despite spending hours troubleshooting I have not found a solution to this yet, and I am unsure what addon you use so I cannot download it directly
  2. Cityrp was pretty fun last night

    1. ajbedhead


      Is there going to be a thorough explanation about it?

    2. Shin_Tsukimi


      Well, @Jake and I had a war in the streets with our cars, hobo gang vs the big evil red car,

      I ran a pink taxi service for gang members to pull off gang shit on other members,

      I got in a race because some guy I was driving around took my car and had me ride with him, we ended up in a ditch.

      Thats just three of the things that happened though, plenty more did!



      Side note though, I can't seem to see Chevy cars? Not sure why, but they are errors for me 😞 it sucks cause I wanted my taxi service to have the cheapest car. Settled on a 300k honda

  3. You. Hey. Guess what. 

    1. Shin_Tsukimi
    2. WreckEMsaints

















  4. Awesome update as always @Nutter! Out of curiosity though, do you still intend to add /cancelhits?
  5. Just curious, any idea when /cancelhit will be functional? Again I'm just curious because I'm real excited to see this! Thanks!
  6. Cannot wait for the hitman update to go through! It's one of my favorite classes for sure. The warden shit is awesome too! Thanks for everything Garnet!
  7. My face when my brothers covid test comes back positive and we've been literally sitting on the bus crammed together the past several days, and we've been hanging out a ton, and I'm starting to feel like shit


  8. How is everyone doing?

    1. WreckEMsaints


      Chutiya ❤️

    2. Adric


      wth are yall doing up? shin go to school, wreck go to hell

  9. YAYYYYYY I CAN DO FUN SHIT AS HOBO AGAIN IN THE DUMPSTERS >:D Shits a fucking awesome update garnet, thank you!
  10. THIS is the best way to wake up. Thanks for the awesome update @Proggy @Nutter legit mightve made my week with the cinema shit, thanks @Bizzy too
  11. Yes Just don't sell to sus people If anything you can now sell your printers even longer than before, since if you give them away they don't have to claim them, and they can claim them before you leave for a extra 2 hours Solved it yourself Nope, 2 hours is actually plenty considering alternatives. You asked these questions in the discord but I thought I'd clear this up
  12. Hey I'm genuinely curious how did you get that garnet profile picture? Did you just slap a garnet over a stock image of a man? I'm genuinely curious lmao

    1. Nutter


      easy. Royalty free tuxedo images, random hand from an old black guy meme, I don't remember what it was called, but it was popular 10 years ago, and a very old prototype of a Garnet logo I paid for LOL

    2. Shin_Tsukimi


      That's awesome lmao, the garnet gem fits perfectly on the tuxedo so it looks real good, I was mostly curious about the hand being over the garnet but the tuxedo not being over it, so it's real interesting the hand came from a meme that you slapped onto it!

  13. Good morning!


    1. xCookie


      Good morning shin! 

  14. I think Tdizz should get it based on my interactions with him through DarkRP staffing he does as well as rust. He shows a lot of maturity when needed, but also shows that he is human, not some sort of mysterious admin nobody gets to talk to unless they are in trouble. I think he could handle it, with Aidan being a possible second choice. Ask most of darkrp staff and they'll say Tdizz is a chill dude who gets shit done when he's online. I'd love to see him in a higher position and see what he can do Good luck Tdizz, proud of you man.
  15. Might have to get around to making you the sequel to that profile picture soon

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