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  1. Pepsi for TV Game


  2. shin tsukimi more like SHIN KICKERRRR

    1. Shin_Tsukimi


      Lmao what?

    2. StillWohMi


      luv u baby girl ❤️

    3. Ruko
  3. Welcome back man! I hope you had fun on your break! Glad to see your doing better!
  4. "If thats the case, I'll have the police so far up your ass it'll be worst then a catholic priest's fist in a room full of 6yos."-Amber

  5. Unbanned you, server is lagging like shit and when I sent the ID in it fucking didnt get the propblockers ID. I AM SO SORRY. 

    1. Shin_Tsukimi


      Tried to contact you on steam, but you haven't accepted my friend request. I'm panicking rn because of the chaos on the server. I'm really sorry. 😞 

    2. Shin_Tsukimi


      Really sorry about this whole situation.  I'll pay you 100k when we get back in game (Not as a bribe, but as sort of a apology for scaring you that you were banned lmao)

    3. BEARgamer530


      Thank you i did not under stand i just put in an post ill leave a comment right now ❤️

  6. Just enjoying cute videos 🙂


  7. Why do I fucking love this song so much, this has to be the best smash bros song out there man.

    No but seriously, I can't get enough of it.

    1. Skeletron


      Because it's a song for Denise (Maxi Version)

  8. Have you heard of the yiga clan? 🙂

  9. I Think I've come down with autism

    1. Garnet


      you mean come up?


    Just figured out a gif from this, and added it to my profile cover photo, works great! (Took a while to get a good one working, but it works now!)

  11. Considering changing my garnet PFP, should I?
    I'll either make it another picture of Sou Hiyori, or i'll make it a Breath of the Wild picture.

    1. Captainswag


      My opinion - keep it classic, ive had this one since 2018 when I was an SSP, I doubt anyone remembers my older one

  12. *Autistic Screeching Of The Same Word, "RDM" intensifies*

  13. I wanna scream for some reason. Not out of anger or sadness or anything, I just wanna scream.

    1. Topshot1


      Do it, No balls.

  14. Good idea, and congrats on almost finishing your bachelors!
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