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  1. Just wanted to come and say, You'd know that Suggestions are accepted Well before they're implemented, and update logs are done as well not too long before hand as well...

    Or at least, You should have given the fact you were a paid manager. 😏

  2. In-game name: Chewy Age: 37 Why am I qualified? I worked in K-12 (education) for 11 years, taught middle school for 4 of that. I've seen and survived the worst that puberty has to offer and how to manage those effected by it (teachers and students). I was in charge of staff training and education for several years, as well as creating policies and procedures whenever needed. I've handled hiring and scheduling for my departments in the past. Been a sysadmin for nearly 15 years, and in software development for 3. I'm very familiar with software and game mods in general, as well as h
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