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  1. I started playing on I think it was either the second CS desert or Delta although I didn’t play much on CS or Delta because I was a TTT main at the time but my favorite map out of all the ones I have played on so far was Echo. echo I really like because well yes there is some open spots it was mostly mountains to where you had a good amount of cover. but yes I do like Delta also I loaded it up the other day just to see if I remember the map and yes that is pretty cool but I do remember the sniper meta on that map but like pencil said since the snipers have been nerfed Delta could be a good bring back and it’ll be a real nostalgia trip kind of
  2. Yea like @Rust said only things I have found so far is the button in ATTC does not work here is screenshot of what button we are talking about https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2304760936.
  3. Looking forward to playing on the map.
  4. Map looks amazing @Garnet looking forward to playing on it.
  5. Hell Yeah Sounds awesome @Garnet.
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