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  1. Pepperoni combos taste better 

  2. I'm going to miss u Gamma. Good times when u were Vega DGEN, back in old Delta. Rest in Peace Gamma.
  3. SSO SOPT Naas Would like to test because I didn't get to it the past two times. I've really good things about this map, and have seen the streams. Looks really fun.
  4. Name - SSO OPT Naas Wasn't there to do the last test. Would love to test and help out in any way possible.
  5. woopp

    I am on teamspeak  by the way. I just am not named "Tage". I am named something else.


    1. N4As


      What name? 


    2. woopp


      You still might've not seen me on there but I'm named "GetBypassed" weird name, i know

  6. All that I need to add is, if we move to another map. Will the US base have some sort of Helipad or Hanger for AFSOC? And will the skybox be tall enough for aircraft?
  7. Good update. Good work Garnet
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