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  1. ayo this is giving me a new thing to charge at people with lets goo time to bash some skulls with a brick
  2. imagine having binds for word scrabble but yeah its safe to assume once the words are repeated a few times people will make keybinds
  3. im not sure if i ever met Gamma or if he played during my year and a half period of not playing gmod but i wish his family the best and i hope he is at peace. Also if anyone at all needs to talk and is having suicidal thoughts but doesnt want to use the resources provided on this post feel free to reach out to me at any point in time ik to most of you im a faceless stranger but please i encourage any and all of you who ever feel like you have nothing left to reach out.
  4. Death on Duty is coming back for a while not gonna be staff just gonna play as a marine

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