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  1. anyone else's inventory pocket switch from 1 row 1 page to 2 rows 2 pages seemingly at random?

  2. im just gonna stick to building in darkrp for now

  3. if it aint a crash its a ddos 😔

  4. wish i could farm my prints without suffering a buffer overflow server crash every hour or so 😞


    1. Shelby101


      It does this for me every 6 hours (approx)

    2. QuandaryJoe


      client 13 overflowed reliable channel


  5. @proggy "constantly harassing" is an overstatement, i gave my condolences to the staff member for being demoted, then said my report was too good to be denied.


  6. Atwell held an amazing debrief explaining how to RP. Thanks @Bishopil 🙂

  7. I wish there were Coruscant Guard tryouts, I loved RPing as an MP 😞

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    2. Cameron


      MP Factions are the most fun factions RP wise 100%

    3. Ching


      I'm sure tryouts will occur soon. Very very soon.

    4. QuandaryJoe


      I agree Cameron, there's never any down time. Most other factions you see soldiers walking around aimlessly but as an MP you are always on alert RPing, it's a good time had by all

  8. watching staff break rules when there's no staff on duty is the best

    1. spilq


      report them in game by using /report!

    2. Garnet


      better yet, take screenshots and report them on the forums. They'll get fully demoted.

    3. QuandaryJoe


      ok nut daddy thanks ❤️


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