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  1. anyone else's inventory pocket switch from 1 row 1 page to 2 rows 2 pages seemingly at random?

  2. im just gonna stick to building in darkrp for now

  3. if it aint a crash its a ddos 😔

  4. hopefully the crash issue has been fixed, when can we build on roofs? ps: where did the chess boards go
  5. wish i could farm my prints without suffering a buffer overflow server crash every hour or so 😞


    1. Shelby101


      It does this for me every 6 hours (approx)

    2. QuandaryJoe


      client 13 overflowed reliable channel


  6. @proggy "constantly harassing" is an overstatement, i gave my condolences to the staff member for being demoted, then said my report was too good to be denied.


  7. fucking poggers this is a fantastic update
  8. Atwell held an amazing debrief explaining how to RP. Thanks @Bishopil 🙂

  9. I wish there were Coruscant Guard tryouts, I loved RPing as an MP 😞

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    2. Cameron


      MP Factions are the most fun factions RP wise 100%

    3. Ching


      I'm sure tryouts will occur soon. Very very soon.

    4. QuandaryJoe


      I agree Cameron, there's never any down time. Most other factions you see soldiers walking around aimlessly but as an MP you are always on alert RPing, it's a good time had by all

  10. watching staff break rules when there's no staff on duty is the best

    1. spilq


      report them in game by using /report!

    2. Garnet


      better yet, take screenshots and report them on the forums. They'll get fully demoted.

    3. QuandaryJoe


      ok nut daddy thanks ❤️


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