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  1. Ozzy

    Happy birthday former Manager of Garnet Gaming Dark Roleplay Grace. May you finally get to 5’ 🎉🎊

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    2. Kroms


      thank u maam

    3. hysteria


      shit the cat got outside


    4. skrt


      Shibe is a 6'4 200 pound beast

  2. Please handpicks me for MARSOC please

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    2. Gythem


      Aidan simping again smh my head

    3. Theta2


      I already tried that one Aidan 😞

    4. Pencil
  3. evo

    while yall keep looking at our profiles.  you went out ur way to cringe on every post lmao. imagine being obsessed with us kinda weird.

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    2. brooklyn


      or... You could mind your own business, seen as it doesn't hinder your activity on the website and you could just simply ignore it and move on with your day. That's another option. 

    3. Toucan


      its been a week dude just stop responding 

    4. brooklyn


      havent been on bud


  4. Hey, in case you appeal while I'm asleep fd11337c8af0bad7b25d2c37978ea898.png
    Here's a screenshot of you breaking the new life rule 3 times(Mass NLR), this is why I banned you. 

    Hope that clears things up! 🙂 

  5. hello?

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    2. Cameron
    3. Cameron



  6. I wasn't sure if it was added or not lmao
  7. Will the XP for manufacturing meth be fixed too?
  8. BTW, this doesn't work lmao
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