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  1. A very unfortunate thing to happen to a fellow community member, especially a veteran player who has been around long enough to witness those who stay or pass through. While I do not frequently play on MRP, SWRP, nor have I had many personal interaction with Gamma, I know that this heartbreaking news is felt by everyone, regardless of the server we play, and I myself am deeply saddened by this great loss for our community. It sounds like Gamma had a lot of positive interactions with many people he’s met, and created many friendships and memories which have impacted others. I hope that he has f
  2. Looks like a solid update! Thanks for all your hardwork Garnet!
  3. Thank you, this update is much appreciated!
  4. Ooh I'm excited for some lost temple! Appreciate the update!
  5. Yoooo. This update is lit, can't wait to get other people in on it!
  6. Thank you for all you've done to get this update out! Excited to hop on and try everything out ✌
  7. Shits about to get real, it's all finally happening :').
  8. Thank you for the updates Garnet! I'm excited to see how these changes help maintain server pop and player interest. We'll continue to keep our eyes out for for any remaining bugs/glitches, and get that feedback to you
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