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  1. Oh goody I have so many ideas to make this more valuable than it should be! However, I could see it being abused by dropping people off in areas not normally reachable by jumping. Hope this doesn’t happen and if it is I hope it’s strictly enforced.
  2. Over 80 the two previous days and breaking 90 today MRP goin in a good direction 

  3. Thank you so much the 4 shots with an orsis to kill someone was more infuriating than it should have been.
  4. @.lua The appeal is abt Krim not me. Your comment was really un-necessary

    1. Horseyyy


      Plus you haven’t played the server in months so I’m kinda confused as to why you were even making a comment in the first place

    2. skrt


      Buy last oasis....

  5. I feel like I’m really starting to make a change and be reformed. I’m happy to be apart of GG 😁

    1. brokenn


      Yeah you came a long way from telling me you fucked my mom in sits when you got on when your ban was broken, keep it up man 🙂 

  6. @Dowsy Miss yah upland you were a great officer. MRP could really use people like you.

  7. What happened to you?


  8. Thank you, Its a good thing having set times and a day to look forward to in which you can discuss your daily or long term issues abt the server with members of your country or the management team this will definitely help. Edit: Didnt even notice the thing abt community meetings aidan if it is a community meeting just assumed everyone would be allowed all members should be included there are people who arent SOC or Officers that still have great ideas.

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    2. Fetn


      give me your discord nerd 

    3. Horseyyy


      Horse#7200 I havent talked to xploding in a long time I remember you from navy tho chief


    4. Fetn


      accept it xploding

  10. The Real Xploding?


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