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  1. Unlike the 11 People reacting without giving you more incite. I believe both Taliban and Army had two additional classes already compared to special forces so that’s why the update was geared towards giving SOC more classes. love the addition of more equipment (lock pick, sticky grenades) this update will definitely draw in more players attention now that whenever they look at the F4 Menu they will see special forces have the same amount of classes as base faction. Great update garnet hope you feel better soon.
  2. Fantastic update can’t wait to see how this plays out in game. For many years we have had the same repetitive Tryout/Sim, War, Repeat. Environment which has kinda led to bland gameplay after a while since I’ve joined the community it’s never changed and I am so excited to see how this is implemented and played out.
  3. Awesome update garnet the defibrillator will definitely be clutch in the future. Quick question you think there’s a chance we will get something like this on MRP and the usage would be kinda enforced by MP and shit? would add another RP aspect to the server
  4. If we are still using the power core on this map which I strongly suggest due to just the simple things and activities we were able to just by having it on the server it would be nice to kinda have the room in the back of base in a secure location for both bases currently the taliban one is right next to their spawn and all the bunks so it makes it really easy to hear when it is taken unlike US Powercore room where it is a fair distance away from US DB and Spawn. Also if there was a way to make it to where the power core room controls the lighting in more places over the base kinda like how it was on CS desert that’d be even better. Also one of the big issues I saw with this map previously was the long strips of roads with not a whole lot of cover if more and bigger broken down vehicles and props were added to this road it’d allow for a more CQC based environment imo otherwise I love this map p.s dual areas this isn’t an absolute must but I’d love to see some new dueling areas that would randomly place you in a different mix of them when you duel someone kinda like DRP this might be a pain and I’d completely up to you but it’d be pretty cool imo
  5. @Clicher I never really thought you did anything as a manager tbh 

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    2. ShankNinja


      manage deez nuts

    3. IAreGunner


      don’t you play mrp though? 

    4. Horseyyy


      @OpTic Gunner Nope! Only reason I was unbanned from MRP was because I improve my rep on DRP and I’m a VIP on there

  6. Great update thank you garnet quick question does this mean riot shields can now block bullets or was there just a different issue with them
  7. @Ghostieee I was talking abt Israel btw not you you’re def not 13 lmao

    1. Ghostieee


      this is very true lmao..


  8. K/D isnt even displayed anymore why would you cheat lmao.

    1. bearboobs


      it is what it is

  9. @AlexConway if the applications are closed you need to lock the forum thread or put on the application that it is closed people will waste their time applying for shit they can’t even get into

    1. Horseyyy


      @AlexConway or just react and give literally no explanation!😁

    2. Papiraqi


      no one cares

    3. IAreGunner


      dude why do u care lol, just let it be karen

  10. Tell my why it’s Labor Day and I still have practice 

    1. Bortnik_


      Tell me why it’s Labor Day and I don’t have practice

  11. Wait couldn’t someone just get a really nice photo off the internet and post it and a fake vid you should make them post a photo with their GG Name in it or some shit
  12. @Lox Why are you bringing up videos that have already been publicized many times before on a staff app. 😭

  13. Oh goody I have so many ideas to make this more valuable than it should be! However, I could see it being abused by dropping people off in areas not normally reachable by jumping. Hope this doesn’t happen and if it is I hope it’s strictly enforced.
  14. Over 80 the two previous days and breaking 90 today MRP goin in a good direction 

  15. Thank you so much the 4 shots with an orsis to kill someone was more infuriating than it should have been.
  16. @.lua The appeal is abt Krim not me. Your comment was really un-necessary

    1. Horseyyy


      Plus you haven’t played the server in months so I’m kinda confused as to why you were even making a comment in the first place

    2. skrt


      Buy last oasis....

  17. I feel like I’m really starting to make a change and be reformed. I’m happy to be apart of GG 😁

    1. brokenn


      Yeah you came a long way from telling me you fucked my mom in sits when you got on when your ban was broken, keep it up man 🙂 

  18. @Dowsy Miss yah upland you were a great officer. MRP could really use people like you.

  19. What happened to you?


  20. Thank you, Its a good thing having set times and a day to look forward to in which you can discuss your daily or long term issues abt the server with members of your country or the management team this will definitely help. Edit: Didnt even notice the thing abt community meetings aidan if it is a community meeting just assumed everyone would be allowed all members should be included there are people who arent SOC or Officers that still have great ideas.

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    2. Fetn


      give me your discord nerd 

    3. Horseyyy


      Horse#7200 I havent talked to xploding in a long time I remember you from navy tho chief


    4. Fetn


      accept it xploding

  22. The Real Xploding?


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