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  1. sexy lil mama

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    2. brooklyn


      bc someone is spamming cringe reactions on my post

    3. aleks


      Yes, and they are correct in doing so. pog

    4. Cameron


      Maybe because youre cringe

  2. r/comedyheaven - My only weaknessryan is so goofy 

    1. RegretTheManEater


      please fucking dm eachother instead

    2. brooklyn


      AHAH its funny

  3. link me some of your favorite songs, i want to have a more broad music taste!!

    heres a few of mine: 

    Lana Del Rey - Cherry 

    BMTH - And The Snakes Start To Sing

    $uicideboy$ - One Last Look At The Damage

    Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

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    2. OpTic Gunner
    3. Shin_Tsukimi
    4. Shin_Tsukimi


      I actually sometimes will listen to this shit on repeat. It's half shitpost half not, I actually (kind of) like listening to it just 'cause it makes me laugh a lot, so if I'm sorta in a really fucked up mood sometimes I'll listen to songs like these to cheer me up.

  4. I hope you guys r still holding up through quarantine. 

    1. Kendal


      Same to you

  5. What's on your mind?

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    2. Captainswag


      A 5 hour long car ride I need to go through

    3. brooklyn


      that sounds awful

    4. cbozee


      how to take the next step in life

  6. at the rate you're going you're going to be the new Gunner.

    1. OpTic Gunner
    2. brooklyn


      haha we all love you gunner.

    3. Romulus



  7. buy me rust skins 

  8. poopy

  9. I'm not sick I'm twisted, sick makes it sound like there's a cure. HAHAHAHAHAHA

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    2. ThetaKek
    3. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      my laugh will arrive in 3-4 business days

    4. brooklyn


      .. are u telling me you people havent seen this ... r/Cringetopia - We all grew up with this kid. He looks like he fixes printers for a living.

  10. image0.png?width=636&height=559

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    2. brooklyn


      is tarkov fun, it looks fun, but is playing it worth the money?

    3. Captainswag


      I think so, I really enjoy the hardcore aspect, but really one big tip if you wanna get the 130 dollar edition, don't buy standard then upgrade.
      Also, its hard, and you will die, I don't recommend if you rage a lot (I don't)

    4. brooklyn


      Thanks man i might try it out thank you! 

  11. you look nice today 

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    2. Lark


      get more -reps and hopefully u can e-couple gunner

    3. Tora1


      Man life do be crazy 

    4. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      Evo would camp me in rust , but yeah rust is whole different story.

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