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  1. Actually it was Eversman. GTA was still aids though. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  2. Either one works. Jus not advert. The return of factory got me hyped as fuck. I'm pretty sure that just about everyone liked this map back in the day as well, so hopefully community feedback 2 years later will prove to be the same.
  3. If this works, I am going to cum buckets. I honestly never noticed a bad hitbox for Rangers, but thank you anyway for putting work on it. Also thanks for the access to the US group chat function.
  4. Map got released on my start of 3 days off work. Poggers. Time to enable "draw shadows" for this one. Map actually looks sick. Cant wait to play it out in war. Also just realized that raids will be even spookier too since it's so dark.
  5. Now people cant nadespam to hold an objective. Thank God. Pls
  6. Vehicles coming back??? POGGERS
  7. @Garnet The models were the wrong ones. The ones you chose are permanent T-Posed. And are not assigned to teams
  8. Welp, guess I can't use the radio to meme with RU anymore. For real tho, thanks for fixing this.
  9. *nuts* Ranger's team chat is fucked up. We are in the same team chat as Russia. Also +1 to rp_highland as a temp map till Diomonder's map update is done. Checked it out myself and I think it's great
  10. And the skill tree of about half the players on the server bout to fall off the deep end. Epic Gamer Moment. SUA SPONTE!
  11. Well that may not work for the people who bought their vehicles with the cash they had on the server and not the stuff they donated for. Plus donation support for vehicles would probably take forever, just as how donation support with the donation classes is currently. (Not trynna dis but it's kinda true)
  12. ily no homo. Real shit this Mosin has needed it.
  13. The night map you just did with tundra looks dope. If that same lighting can be applied to the forest one that would be sick.
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