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  1. birday tmrw

    1. Horseyy


      Happy birthday!

  2. this ammount of brain power is going to end the world
  3. i dont think thats it but i never knew that was there
  4. why does gmod keep uninstalling 😞

  5. Damn bro I legit log on and you go "I'm buying you the brick" and then I get it a minute later. thanks man, I owe you one lmao

  6. garnet get on and ill beat u with the brick again
  7. no. but u got the black brick
  8. The brick has a playermodel glitch where it shows it being held in 4 different positions when ever you respawn. so you could be holding it like a gun, knife, normal, or just at your side. doesn't bother me but might bother other people
  9. yes brick good i sped ran buying brick
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