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  1. balls

  2. yo sup hi hey

  3. birday tmrw

    1. Horseyy


      Happy birthday!

  4. this ammount of brain power is going to end the world
  5. i dont think thats it but i never knew that was there
  6. why does gmod keep uninstalling 😞

  7. garnet get on and ill beat u with the brick again
  8. no. but u got the black brick
  9. The brick has a playermodel glitch where it shows it being held in 4 different positions when ever you respawn. so you could be holding it like a gun, knife, normal, or just at your side. doesn't bother me but might bother other people
  10. yes brick good i sped ran buying brick
  11. This stuff is so sick good job garnet best update
  12. good job garnet. really excited to try out crack dealer!
  13. The silent lock picks and keypad crackers are really cool and I cant wait to get on and start making crack. Keep the amazing work up
  14. anyone ever watch Malcolm in the middle?

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