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  1. thx garnet so uh like, pocket logs fixed when @Bizzy
  2. well i havnt really logged on drp much since cityrp drops, I can only hope more people show up The first couple days were hype, and i've even bought 50 credits to hopefully partially help the server keep going. Although I do know that in the grand scheme of things, 50$ isnt alot, however I do wish that obviously we'd have more players.
  3. Thank you @Nutter for fixing the crashing problem i was having side note, why were my items from DarkRp available on cityrp?
  4. Hey you should respect my opinion more lol it’s the first time I’ve thought about DRP shit in like 6 months

    1. Krim


      No. Stfu, NOW!

  5. still useless because I'll be fucked if im trying to put a prop the size of an atom into those pots Other than that, awesome update Garnet, I'm glad to see suggestions being put in so fast!
  6. @Nutter seeeee I told you people would like the perk thing.... now if only you could resize the fucking crack props so the class isnt aids smh. also cant wait to (ab)use the clearchat command. It's going to be super helpful and useful and a very ghood benefihicialhial addohn.
  7. Thanks @Bizzy still waiting on that crack model resize though. Oh thanks @Nutter too i guess.
  8. Mayors can now build in PD in order to protect themselves, keypads must be maintained and codes are to be provided to all PD members YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES Yes.
  9. hehe funny love the raiding changes, hopefully ill get raided more often now
  10. Happy to see the log lines increased. Super hype for the deployable keypad cracker, should make raiding loads easier. I also love that you re-added the ui for drugs and such, I missed it and tbh its one of the main reasons I stopped grinding meth haha. Great update Gnut!
  11. Just pull up a chess app on your phone, set the difficulty to hardest, and always play black when playing other players, and then just copy the moves that they are doing as white on your phone. super ez way to cheat at chess.
  12. Did you mean VIP here? And if VIP why no VIP keypadcracker/lockpick Also Also. If not vip why am I hearing reports about it being VIP locked in game rn.
  13. Thanks for adding Proggy's Suggestion! I can't wait to rp as these classes.
  14. crowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwbarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Also I've been playing around with the adept officer and I love whoever made that possible so thank you so much Great addition!
  15. Can't wait to see these implemented tbh, drug dealer and bartender have been kinda lackin lately. @vapr time to reopen that stripclub/bar we had going downtown. garnet gib manager on cityrp pls
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