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Halloween Eve!

Lets hope corona doesn't ruin this one for us 🙂

The countdown has finished!


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  1. No way, I legit just started getting interested on this server. I hope it will work out in the future if you do bring it back. It was a good run with new players and concurrent players that I have met on there.
  2. Congrats Diego on getting Manager, I feel like you and Proggy would make a good team. 

    1. Bortnik_


      TE amo diego

  3. Congrats on getting SA proggy, im happy that you’ve came this far.

    1. Bortnik_
    2. vexitra


      I dont know you guys yet but since aj said it ill say it to congrats!

    3. ImHomeless
  4. dude i would recommend to stop like doing minge stuff on the forums or else you could potentially get banned or warned.

    1. cumguy9



    2. cumguy9


      i still dont care

  5. Heyyyyy, its good to hear that your back and I hope your break was better then ever. Happy to see you doing better!
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