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  1. i’m enjoying the shit phase that Nutter is going through right now. Otherwise, amazing update, you’re doing a great job.
  2. Love the update, can’t wait to see this fully in place. Very amazing work. What would this sound like? Does this replace the /hat or !hat command and other hats on the donator store? Just asking for those who have those hats purchased rather than the pointshop ones.
  3. Lowkey excited for this, always been wanting to base as a hitman, however, is the assassin/deadshot class included within this? Helpful for those who spam and make a fool of themselves in chat. Along with that the /restart is a brilliant idea for those who don't know the restart times. Gonna have to see this one myself not gonna lie, seems legit enough. Now this is economy.
  4. Where the tag at?

  5. Are all arenas (meaning each arena map persay) able to be used for each gamemode thats going to be included? This may be a dumb question, however, I was just asking for the sake of myself and others.
  6. I’m your biggest fan !!! 🤫🤗

    1. EthanWinters


      No no no. I'm YOUR biggest fan🥺

  7. Good job @Bizzy, I honestly love the work I see everytime I read these. I know it's just a game but it's cool what and where it can get you.
  8. Hi 🙂

    1. ChrisRid


      Hey AJ! How’s things going mate? 🙂

  9. Fw this and those perms look interesting
  10. Amazing update! Gonna have to see how the new printers work and not only that, were going to have to see how the radio works out on the server. Other than that, I loved it. Thanks, @bizzylogin & @Nutter.
  11. I guess now I'll be able to pop a perc in space but regardless of that, amazing update!
  12. Love all of the work that's being put into this
  13. Hello garnet gamers

    1. tdizz


      Hello ajbedhead

    2. Rambo-Panda


      Hello aj

  14. Happy New Year Everyone! I hope yall are doing great and living life to the fullest. Just know that no matter what happens, everything happens for a reason. 

    1. Romac622


      fr there was so much ass shaking at midnight

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