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  1. bro are you comin back 0_0

  2. can i get unbanned yet im not unbanned since you accepted me @ajbedhead

    1. ajbedhead


      Yeah, the staff team has been not respondin towards my request to unban ya. I wasnt home today so I couldnt at all. Ima be home n 10m then I will unban u.

  3. Well Garnet, I love everything that i'm looking at right now, great job man. Looking forward towards playing this in the future.
  4. minecraft

  5. Every single fucking profile I goto I see that @cumguy9 is following them. This guy legit followed every single god damn person.

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    2. Theta2


      Not even cumguy9 will follow me 😞

    3. brooklyn


      im cumguys biggest fan 


    4. GameClicher


      But only one person's rep was targeted

  6. Never played rust but it sure looks hella cool Garnet.
  7. Ayyyy this map looks hella good for what its worth currently. I’ve been watchin your streams and it looks hard as hell, hope its not puttin to much stress on ya.
  8. That one moment when the title of this topic is "DarkRP Update [10/20/2019]" instead of "DarkRP Update [10/20/2020]"
  9. Brick Gang do be poppin tho spacer.png

  10. The brick is now the most sacred thing
  11. Thank you for the update nutter gutter butter.
  12. Awesome update Garnet, i'll seriously enjoy this. Hopefully it wont crash the server more than it already is.
  13. Hey i've been tryna figure out pc shit and I was wonderin if someone could make me a build. Budget is 800$ and I want it to b able to run rust, mw, gta 5, siege & other games like that.

    1. Spilq


      @proggyis your guy

  14. No way, I legit just started getting interested on this server. I hope it will work out in the future if you do bring it back. It was a good run with new players and concurrent players that I have met on there.
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