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  1. Quit simping for @Rose peepoSus

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      I make one response on a thread ffs

  2. jared cock

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      Jared Cox

      we’re not friends anymore 

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  3. AwesomeAidan0221 PDSS Resignation Post

    Hey guys, I had an amazing 2 minutes in PDSS. Sadly all of the responsibility and stress caught up to me. Also, after being in a faction for so long the server just gets a bit boring. I would like to share a few screenshots from the beginning of my time in frogmen and the last screenshot I have from. I would also like to thank Crypt for being the best leader I could have asked for, keep it up bud!



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      Damn, good luck in the future man! You did great in frogmen, never forget

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      😞 you forgot to @ me whatever boy. I wish you the best in the future, I had a great time watching you set your name!

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      Omg I can’t believe garnet actually commented on my post 😱

      can I fuck you?

  4. Please handpicks me for MARSOC please

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      Aidan simping again smh my head

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      I already tried that one Aidan 😞

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  5. Going on a 1 week LOA from GB and the server. If you need something, contact me on discord


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      god I hate bob so much

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      Roger that captain

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      You should probably inform your COL tbh

  6. B + D) 1. I have a few ideas for this. One thing which i think would be extremely helpful would be lowering the elevation of both US and RU base. Currently both bases are raised on a hill. I am going to refer to the distance from a bases gate, to a location of cover as the "dead zone". The dead zone is one of the easiest places to get sniped from as it takes atleast 5 seconds of running out of each base until you find decent cover. Within these 5 seconds, there are plenty of spots for people to snipe you from at any angle. If hills were to be added around each base but the elevation of each base stayed the same, then we would still have the same dead zone problem because of the angle. It is much easier to get sniped from an elevated position than from a position leveled with the sniper. I am suggesting lowering the elevation of each base. 2. Chaharikar worked perfectly because each base was lower than the hills around them. These hills worked perfectly, they were close enough to easily overrun any base campers who dared to get close enough and added fast cover for anyone leaving base. Just like on Chaharikar, I think the bases should be surround by small hills and the further out you go in the map, the bigger hills you find. It is extremely important to add these small hills close to the base. Yes, people would be able to base camp from them but these hills would be much easier to overrun than hills far away. It would just take a push with a couple people to clear these hills. Once you get the past these small hills, the terrain should consist of bigger hills, rocks, tanks, and maybe a few small structures. As for A, C, E, and F, I completely agree with where you are going with them. We also have a cinema room under the map which could be utilized for the OOC room.
  7. Currently regretting not doing my school work a week ago but still not doing anything about it.

    1. PrisonNightmare


      I can relate hard to that rn lmao

  8. Green = Country Meeting Red = Staff Meeting Blue = Community Meeting Every meeting will start at 7 EST | 6 CST | 4 PST Below is the post which goes over specifics for each meeting. If you do not know which meetings you can attend or what to bring up, refer to this thread. If you are not able to make the meetings, feel free to get someone to speak on your behalf on topics you wish to bring up. If you have any questions about the meetings, feel free to respond to this thread. https://garnetgaming.net/forums/index.php?/topic/9880-mrp-meetings-meetings-and-meetings/
  9. u good but don't let it happen again fr Just kidding, facepunch seems like they are always doing something which hurts there most popular server hosts. I was so happy this was not another blacklist scenario. I would have had a heart attack.
  10. Reminder The US Meeting will take place this Wednesday at 7 EST | 6 CST | 4 PST We also have a Community meeting and staff meeting this Saturday at 7 EST | 6 CST | 4 PST The staff meeting will take place immediately after the Community meeting 80% of the meetings will be to hear from you guys and what you have to say. If you wish to speak about a topic, come prepared.
  11. Communication is one of the most important things on a server like this. Whether it be between management or between factions. Communication is something that we can never have enough of and it seems like the past year has lacked a lot of it. After the community meeting a couple of days ago and the "surprise" meeting we had in the GB channel last night, it is clear that we need more communication. I am going to be setting up a schedule for factions meetings, country meetings, community meetings, and staff meetings. The end goal is to make it so where we still host these meetings, but they are as short as possible. To be able to keep up a consistently great community we need to always be communicating, otherwise, we will fall right back into the pit of toxicity. Below is info about each meeting and when they will be scheduled. This month will not follow the normal format of meetings as we are already almost halfway into the month. Faction Meetings This is something which i would not be setting up myself, more enforcing faction leaders to set up In the next country wide meeting, i will be speaking to faction leaders to try and set up weekly meetings within there own faction Topics of Discussion: Behavior, Involvement with faction activities, and anything which is faction specific Country Meetings These meetings will be for all factions of one side They will be country specific, meaning if you are not apart of that country, you can not attend unless given permission by management These meetings will happen monthly. One for US and one for RU. The US meeting will be the 1st Wednesday of every month and the RU meeting will be every 3rd Wednesday Topics of Discussion: SOC involvement with base factions, an outside POV on different factions, and any country-specific issues MRP Community Meetings These meetings will be for all of SOC and all of the base faction officers on the server Any player who does not fall under these conditions will not be able to attend these meetings They will happen every month on the 4th Saturday. Topics of Discussion: Map problems, Glitches, general server toxicity, and anything else Staff Meetings These meetings will be for all current staff members We will have two staff meetings per month One on the 2nd Saturday and one on the 4th Saturday after the community meeting Topics of Discussion: Rules, Division Details, Staff Involvement, and any other staff-related topic Month of May Schedule Green = Country Meeting Blue = Community Meeting Red = Staff Meeting Every meeting will start at 7 EST | 6 CST | 4 PST Like i said, this month is a bit different from other months as we are mid way through. RU is going to have there first meeting on Wednesday and then US one week after The only reason RU is getting there meeting first is because US already had a makeshift meeting last night in GB channel. Time to make some change!
  12. This post is just clarification and some announcements on multiple things going on with MRP currently. Event Server and AFSOC These two things are currently being put on hold until further notice. We still definitely plan on working on these in the future, it is just not currently the highest priority as Garnet has many other servers which acquire his attention. You guys can stop spreading rumors on what is going to happen with the event server and AFSOC as we are not currently working on them and will make plans in the near future. The Map Change If you have not seen Garnet's recent post, the map change is planned to take place next Friday. Until then we will remain on Siberia. If you are a current SOC faction member, try to still hop on the server and focus on the good things about the current map, if you only focus on the bad things, then of course you won't enjoy it. If you are a faction leader, make sure to keep an eye on your members who are active and don't make it go unnoticed. Faction Meetings / Staff Involvement We are going to be taking the initiative upon getting more involved with faction members and leaders. We will be talking with faction leaders 1 on 1 and I might even set up meetings with every faction leader involved. Some factions i already know what i want to talk about and some will be just to see what they want to talk about. These meetings will be held to address current problems involving the faction brought up by either me, @JimTrash, @D_Rose or the faction leader them self. If a problem is brought up, we will try to assist the faction leader anyway possible. If you are a faction leader and require immediate assistance from me while we do not have a meeting planned, feel free to contact me. Current Suggestions Yesterday i went through another 25 suggestions. If your suggestion did get accepted, please be patient as like i said before, Garnet has many of other servers he is working on currently. Once Garnet is able too, he will start working on the accepted suggestions. Regular Staff Meetings I am going to be speaking with the other executives and try to set up bi-weekly meetings for the staff team. We may not always have a lot to talk about at these meetings but it is always important to maintain communication and clarification with everyone. Other A few things we can look forward too in the far future is the omega map, a skill tree system, and an event system. The omega map is going to be an urban map set in an Iraq town/village. This map is going to be extreme CQC with a whole lot of community involvement in the decision making and planning stage. Base Rules / Operation Guidelines Yesterday @JimTrash had made a post about base rules and i had made a post about operation guidelines, you can find both posts linked below. If you have not already taken a look at them, i suggest you do!
  13. I feel like this thread has had enough responses, I am going to lock it now. I did not want to lock it at first as this is a touchy topic and i did not want people to feel overlooked or worthless but this thread has been up for enough time for everyone to put their opinion on it.
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