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  1. got u, road too 669

  2. I negative repped you to keep you at 669 🙂 

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    2. brokenn


      I got all the free time in the world


    3. Soldier


      Be careful, borken, forum mods are lurking about and will warn you!

    4. Shin_Tsukimi


      Forum mod warn time? 

  3. This is heartbreaking, I never had a extremely close relationship with Gamma but we got along really well and shared many experiences with each other in the community. Whenever we did speak to each other he always had a respectful, calm and collected attitude which I admired. If there was ever anyone who I could rely upon for advice, it was him. Hopefully my PC is up and running so I may attend the ceremony on Friday. Rest in peace, I know the afterlife will treat you better than the real life.
  4. Happy Birthday! 🥳 🎂 👍

    1. Zachman



    2. AwesomeAidan0221
    3. Aparh



  5. hey big guy

    1. AwesomeAidan0221


      Why was the chicken not able to cross the road? 



      because I kicked him, beat the fuck outta dat bitch. I don’t care, I don’t.

  6. Your facial features closely resemble the American rapper from Charlotte, North Carolina known as “DaBaby”

    1. RegretTheManEater


      your mom looks like my ballsack!!

    2. Acer


      regret please come back @RegretTheManEater

  7. The well known 0221. How amazing

  8. Are you coming back as mrp manager and fixing things?

    1. AwesomeAidan0221


      no, I’m eating McDonald’s 

    2. Krim1


      Isn't that your job? lol?

    3. Bortnik_


      Dude? He’s too busy cooking at 5 ⭐️ restaurants

  9. hi aidan

    1. AwesomeAidan0221


      Shut the fuck up. I am in class rn and because of you I can’t fucking focus. I seriously am getting second hand embarrassment from your mother for birthing you. Stop messaging me and interrupting my daily life. I swear you are always such a minge 😡👿😫🍆💦

  10. 2GA’s new meta, harass your enemy with racial slurs and insults until they kill themselves. Edit: Wait nvm, that is the PDSS meta
  11. Just got some new toys, thanks mom! 😁😝 #blessed


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    2. ajbedhead


      No way those are sick asf
       when is my turn 😄

    3. AwesomeAidan0221


      Thanks for the internet points everybody!

    4. Silo


      why are you like this

  12. Quit simping for @Rose peepoSus

    1. AwesomeAidan0221


      I make one response on a thread ffs

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