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  1. The well known 0221. How amazing

  2. Are you coming back as mrp manager and fixing things?

    1. AwesomeAidan0221


      no, I’m eating McDonald’s 

    2. Krim1


      Isn't that your job? lol?

    3. Bortnik_


      Dude? He’s too busy cooking at 5 ⭐️ restaurants

  3. hi aidan

    1. AwesomeAidan0221


      Shut the fuck up. I am in class rn and because of you I can’t fucking focus. I seriously am getting second hand embarrassment from your mother for birthing you. Stop messaging me and interrupting my daily life. I swear you are always such a minge 😡👿😫🍆💦

  4. 2GA’s new meta, harass your enemy with racial slurs and insults until they kill themselves. Edit: Wait nvm, that is the PDSS meta
  5. Just got some new toys, thanks mom! 😁😝 #blessed


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    2. ajbedhead


      No way those are sick asf
       when is my turn 😄

    3. AwesomeAidan0221


      Thanks for the internet points everybody!

    4. Silo


      why are you like this

  6. Quit simping for @Rose peepoSus

    1. AwesomeAidan0221


      I make one response on a thread ffs

  7. AwesomeAidan0221 PDSS Resignation Post

    Hey guys, I had an amazing 2 minutes in PDSS. Sadly all of the responsibility and stress caught up to me. Also, after being in a faction for so long the server just gets a bit boring. I would like to share a few screenshots from the beginning of my time in frogmen and the last screenshot I have from. I would also like to thank Crypt for being the best leader I could have asked for, keep it up bud!



    1. Gythem


      Damn, good luck in the future man! You did great in frogmen, never forget

    2. Garnet


      😞 you forgot to @ me whatever boy. I wish you the best in the future, I had a great time watching you set your name!

    3. AwesomeAidan0221


      Omg I can’t believe garnet actually commented on my post 😱

      can I fuck you?

  8. Please handpicks me for MARSOC please

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    2. Gythem


      Aidan simping again smh my head

    3. Theta2


      I already tried that one Aidan 😞

    4. Pencil
  9. Going on a 1 week LOA from GB and the server. If you need something, contact me on discord


    1. Silo
    2. Duglas


      Roger that captain

    3. Aparh


      You should probably inform your COL tbh

  10. B + D) 1. I have a few ideas for this. One thing which i think would be extremely helpful would be lowering the elevation of both US and RU base. Currently both bases are raised on a hill. I am going to refer to the distance from a bases gate, to a location of cover as the "dead zone". The dead zone is one of the easiest places to get sniped from as it takes atleast 5 seconds of running out of each base until you find decent cover. Within these 5 seconds, there are plenty of spots for people to snipe you from at any angle. If hills were to be added around each base but the elevation of ea
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