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  1. Very nice update I love how new printers work now you activity need to watch printers and it becomes more of a chore
  2. Let’s hope unbox stays that would be an epic pogger moment.
  3. Yeah I see how this can be used against me to call me toxic well that wasn’t the intention I know how hard it is to develop and update the server partially from my personal experience as a dev on my friends server. I was trying to lol about it and didn’t see the negative side of it. I appreciate this server and that’s why I applied for staff. I’m honestly sorry if you took it that way.
  4. Everyone says there is no updates for dark rp anymore and I’m just joking about it. I was just trying to joke about how dark rp gets tiny updates and ttt is getting insane focus on. I wasn’t trying to be ignorant I’m sorry.
  5. So that’s why we get a pet role, I mean thanks? But idk seems like he’s trying for dark rp to die . Cool player model doe
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