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  1. Awesome stuff nutter! You’ve been in the grind lately, I’m sure we’ll be at 100 in no time
  2. Does this mean i get my gold dc-15 back
  3. I like how you made the events “silent” until they’re found, that definitely makes it more interesting, as well as the removal of OOC HUD items like enemy health-bars. Will definitely help with immersion. Good update.
  4. Kinda sad I don’t have a 3 year badge 😔

  5. Will donator classes be converted. I had prestige and ghillie, would I just get the Afghan equivalent or what?
  6. Mr ozzy, I know you said meal, but will a desert(s) count?
  7. What do you even disagree with? people are so fucking odd sometimes.

    1. Austin


      He disagrees with MRP plain and simple 

  8. When is Conway birthday, it was last week wasn’t it?

    1. AlexConway


      The 3rd yes, was on Tuesday

  9. Epic health regen Turns out its very bugged, when you get shot you will go down to 35 hp after a few seconds, and on respawn you are at 35 hp
  10. Anyone know why my phone is banned from the forums?

    1. Bortnik_


      nvm its fixed

    2. Captainswag


      Give it a few hours, happens to me like once a month, just get banned for a day then back to usual

    3. Trench


      cause you a bot

  11. Has anyone wondered if someone at your school plays gg, would be interesting conversation

  12. i don't play rust but that shattered mirror set looks clean
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