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  1. Give me a Dark blue forum rank please and thank you 😊 🙏 

    1. JackJJ


      Why are you asking him? He's just some guy, didn't you read his forum rank? Gosh man some people I'm telling ya...

  2. Woke up 30 minutes ago, am I the only one that gets up an hour before my alarm no matter when it’s set or how tired I am?

    1. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      Long term When I get used to being on an alarm, usually I’m always up right before it or if I forget to set it sometimes I kind of just wake up at that time. 

    2. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

       usually get  four hours asleep, So on my Fridays when I’m going to sleep I wake up Saturday at such an early time it’s so annoying

    3. trench


      I wake up early on the days I don't even need to be up

  3. As Dababy once said; “Letsss Go!”
  4. Aye bro, you swam yet?

    1. Gythem


      We've been practicing but I just got sick. We have a few meets this year tho

    2. Bortnik_
  5. Glad the defib got changed, I was in ts yesterday and heard some angry people
  6. pink name moment 😎

    1. Bortnik_


      Underscore moment

  7. Me trying to find OpTic Gunner with owner tag Confused The Weeknd GIF

    1. JackJJ


      Yeah, what's taking so long Garnet????

  8. @Enigma imagine not being SA 😂😂

    1. Enigma


      Been there done that

  9. I would think so, I’m assuming these changes apply to all weapons on the server. anyways I can’t wait to see what that sniper nerf feels like
  10. why the hell did i turn on to have notifications on for you posting. shut up you're spamming my notification bar 😠❤️ 

    1. Aparh


      Wait nvm, I wasn't even following you Idk why i got a notification lol. Maybe its because it was on a post i posted on. Anyways i followed you now ❤️ 

  11. Don’t know how many of you play destiny, but last night I LFG’d a team for DSC, and after security 2 guys left, so we 4 manned atraks & Taniks pt 1

    1. spilq


      Destiny 1> destiny 2

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