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  1. I would think so, I’m assuming these changes apply to all weapons on the server. anyways I can’t wait to see what that sniper nerf feels like
  2. why the hell did i turn on to have notifications on for you posting. shut up you're spamming my notification bar 😠❤️ 

    1. Aparh


      Wait nvm, I wasn't even following you Idk why i got a notification lol. Maybe its because it was on a post i posted on. Anyways i followed you now ❤️ 

  3. Don’t know how many of you play destiny, but last night I LFG’d a team for DSC, and after security 2 guys left, so we 4 manned atraks & Taniks pt 1

    1. spilq


      Destiny 1> destiny 2

  4. That soccer field lookin fine , I love the design, and the variety of combat length. Tons of long-close range engagements
  5. Due to time change i get to enjoy the perks of waking up at 5

    1. Aparh


      I totally forgot about daylight savings tbh.

  6. what on gods green earth is your signature

    1. Bortnik_
    2. Bortnik_


      You’re the only one that holds the key to the real meaning

  7. That ending was a plot twist. Great update, hope I can find some time to try out the new shotguns
  8. Swim meet #2 tomorrow, and once again have no rest between my events 😐

  9. Tfw you do better in events you sucked at last year, than the ones you were good at

  10. My Saturday Swim meet is gonna hit different

    1. Insekto


      yall do be vibin in da pool doe 👀

  11. Funky monkey

    1. jaylen


      eh funee ones are better

  12. Morning swim practice is poggers

    1. Gythem


      bro I just got back like an hour ago

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