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  1. Anyone got any knowledge of the next COD?

    1. Enigma


      Call of duty blacks ops cold war 

  2. @__XXX bro ur cringe

    1. Entity


      When you're on a government issued laptop and click on his status update. 👀

  3. Knowing that school is just around the corner makes me bored

    1. Aparh


      Bro i start school is 7 days ffs, i have to be up from 7am-2pm.  School is hell. Literally. 

  4. @D_Rose hi. 🥱 I sleep

    1. D_Rose


      hey man

  5. Basically I’m eating, and I get up to get water. When I come back, I see all 5 of my cats eating my dinner, and now I don’t have dinner. Anyone else have this problem?

    1. Phantom


      Animal ownership is slavery.

    2. Homast


      Only if you force them to work, and it's not a companionship arraingement

  6. Anyone got a good dessert idea i can make?

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    2. Shin_Tsukimi


      Ever had a funfetti cake? it sounds childish, but they are so fucking good.

    3. Greasy Dan
    4. Bortnik_


      thank you all for the suggestions, i think i'm gonna make some of those donuts and some sort of sweet sauce

  7. This is probably gonna happen with taiga again, “we really love this map” but it was the people and memories made there that they truly like it. As much as I like taiga, nothing can replace those 2018 memories that I made on there. It’s a good map though. And considering we haven’t been on it in a while it’s all the more reason to bring it back. May hop on for a little bit for some nostalgia.
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