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  1. I knew Gamma for a long time albeit towards the end it was a bit on and off and hearing this news makes me regret that. He is someone that showed immense maturity, ingenuity, and care in regard to all things. However, outside of the confines of the community he was an incredibly understanding and nice person. He was and is someone that I'll wholeheartedly remember from my time on Garnet. Thank you for the memories Gamma and my prayers go out to his family. Please don't do it ingame do it in a slightly more formal setting like teamspeak. Hell even Zoom because I feel as though
  2. Great update overall! It brought about a lot of optimization and actually brought a working gamemode for war other than the repetitive OBJ wars. However, the only thing I am going to note is that as a result of the drop in tickrate firerates for guns got all fucky (severe drop in firerate). If I remember correctly this is a pretty easy fix in general but other than that the update has been really smooth with minimal complaints around the board.
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