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  1. ban wipe when? let mr fortnite back
  2. bring me back to mrp, i dare u hahaha

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    2. Ozzy


      Try following Horse’s lead and stop doing whatever it is you’re doing.

    3. Nutter


      Not gonna lie, I almost mentioned Horse to say "use him as a role model" but figured it'd be cringe.

    4. Horseyyy


      Awh I’m flabbergasted

  3. they hate us cause they anus

  4. 187th CDR right here :_)

  5. some of yall just like to cause unfunny drama -_-

    1. IAreGunner


      some people like to stick around when there not wanted ☺️

    2. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      goodbye everyone.

      Tired of the toxic community. Nobody here has original ideas and garry's mod is dying out. Ill probably be on forums once in a while, but im done playing gmod.

      -mr fortnite

  6. when darkrp players can get 24 bans without a perm ban but mrp players get 3 and its game over

  7. oh no forum mod 😭

  8. thank you for reacting to my ban appeal from 4 months ago!

  9. I think it would be cool if you made a suggestion about TerraGroup Labs from tarkov as a PMC

  10. Ey pog you got banned on DRP now 

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    2. Horseyyy


      Banned for FailRP tf

    3. Horseyyy


      Wait that’s someone else 

    4. Orange


      @Horseyyy nah thats me. I got raided, he destroyed my printers, I relogged, he reported me and I left the server a minute later not doing anything

  11. If anyone has more information about this: why are some cheaters on MRP allowed to come back and others arent?

    1. JackJJ


      It all depends on the situation really. Usually, people are unbanned only when their ban happened a considerable amount of time ago, they contributed to the greater good of the community, they have/had a good reputation, and they have good reasons for being unbanned.

    2. Horseyyy


      I.e it’s a popularity game when it comes to cheating if enough people like you you’ll be unbanned. However, with things like toxicity bans and vet mass rdm it comes down to what Jack JJ said. Most people who’ve gotten banned for cheating and unbanned have never really gotten on other servers and improved their reputation.

    3. Bortnik_


      Not necessarily horse, but being liked does help. Since management usually decides who’s unbanned and who isn’t, they hardly take into account what’s actually posted on the appeal unless it’s rather important. They probably could care less about the amount of +1/-1

  12. this is friendly advice, take it as you wish. If you want to be apart of the community again i think you should start changing up how you present yourself. More serious forum activity, Name, etc. not saying you can’t have fun but these are just things to make yourself look more professional.

    Impressions are hard to erase, you’ve clearly left a bad one on most of the community and thats just a fact. Work on relations inside darkrp, having players to vouch for you will definitely help. Show people there’s more to you than trolling on forums.
    attempt to provide helpful insight on community subjects and conversations. Proving yourself as more than a stomach with legs and arms will definitely earn you some respect back. If you can provide ideas and conversation to the community in a productive way then you will gain respect.

    obviously im not garnet, i can’t speak to whether this will work or not, but if you want to get back into the community as a respected member then this is the path i’d take. Showing maturity will make opportunities like staffing and unbans open up, remember this won’t be overnight though.

    1. Orange


      Thanks for the advice. I was trying to make a valid argument as for why exile shouldn't have been banned and I get told i'm stupid for pointing something out that may not have been known. ill try to be a little careful about what I say and clean up

    2. Aparh


      I’m actually not to sure about your ban specifics ( and tbh i didn’t read your application, i just saw the deny) but there may be some room to get an unban in the future but you really do have to earn it. Make connections and friends with everyone you can. You never know who has pull in certain decisions. You can do it, @Horseyy kept a clean slate for 6 months, returned to the server, became an officer, and i wanna say is on pretty good terms with everyone. If it was possible for him, i don’t see why you cant do it.

  13. Im willing to make a truce with you.

    1. Orange


      I think that would be great for both of us. I am sorry for calling you cringe by the way

    2. Aparh


      I agree, I apologize for calling you a nuisance. 

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