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  1. Ill do community manager 'Part time' ON A ONLY NEEDED/required to fill vacancy Basis for free. Cause unlike anyone else who will apply. Ive always been able to do anything when you ask and I have my remote desktop to do so.
  2. WTF is your issue with me?

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    2. Jerry-Hat-Trick


      Yah, I've seen that. Sucks, but true.

    3. ShankNinja


      The majority of the playerbase is 13-16 years old and this age group is not known for their maturity but rather, especially on the internet, trying to get a rise out of people. If you make it seem like they're already getting a rise out of you, chances are they're going to keep doing it just to see what happens.

      Just know that it's not representative of the whole community if you base all your interactions on, well, reactions to your reactions.

    4. Jerry-Hat-Trick


      Yah, I've gotten quite used to those types, trust me.

  3. I'm ready to brick mass my way out of the community Had to fix my avatar,
  4. @proggy was this brought up after I bitched about it to you and aj lmao
  5. What stupid stinky cunt deleted my post.

    1. OpTic Gunner

      OpTic Gunner

      stupid forum mods

    2. Jake


      not a forum mod this time

    3. Horseyyy



  6. Stay away from my sister


  7. Why you importing my brick into the game? Do i get this for free?
  8. bitch lmao!!!! get roated

    1. Gildarts


      roated, washed up bitch

    2. Jake


      both of you smell like shit

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