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  1. congrats on staff u smelly nerd, very well deserved pick. always knew you would apply soon ( not really but fuck off) 

    u smelly nerd

    1. evo


      Thank you man ❤️

  2. Not trying to be rude or anything but the only people that -1 my application are Gmod mods, or people that no nothing about the whole "doxx threat" situation. I apologized for what happened on my app, but that is not going to mean anything when none of you know the story behind it.
    Me and DPI are friends, the person that I people are saying I threatened to doxx. If sage felt like I was being serious he would have reported what I had said. Under no means was I being serious when I posted that in team chat and he knows that. Also teamchat is not punishable in anyway, I got false banned because of it from a resigned admin. Wasdin should not be able to ban people in the first place. Spilq was the one who unbanned me, if he thought that what I did was serious he would have kept me banned. 
    I'd just like to make it clear one last time, the person I said it to was a friend in team chat, while we were in a call together. He knows that it was not serious. 


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    2. brooklyn


      The "doxx threat" was from legit 3 weeks ago.. i don't understand why its still an issue, again, if it WAS an issue he would be banned.

    3. Topshot1


      @Sage Laugh it up now because I'll be the one laughing when his Staff Application gets denied because over this bullshit argument. Enjoy your day man.  

    4. brooklyn


      fnaf will be real in 52 minutes 

  3. oo la la sexy lil mama 🥵🤬

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    2. Romulus


      Got the shits?

    3. Pencil


      bro i just ordered popeyes ngl

    4. evo


      i wish the cringe reacts were still a thing too, i need them

  4. sexy lil mama

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    2. brooklyn


      bc someone is spamming cringe reactions on my post

    3. aleks


      Yes, and they are correct in doing so. pog

    4. Cameron


      Maybe because youre cringe

  5. r/comedyheaven - My only weaknessryan is so goofy 

    1. RegretTheManEater


      please fucking dm eachother instead

    2. brooklyn


      AHAH its funny

  6. spacer.png

    1. Captainswag


      My name is Swag and I approve this post

  7. sexy lil mama

  8. sexy lil mama

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    2. aleks


       ayo this you? spacer.png

    3. brooklyn
    4. Romulus


      damn @aleks got to it b4 i could lmao

  9. at the rate you're going you're going to be the new Gunner.

    1. OpTic Gunner
    2. brooklyn


      haha we all love you gunner.

    3. Romulus



  10. buy me rust skins 

  11. poopy

  12. Ok I’ve been trying to stay professional, but, why call out people for cringe reacting you? It tends to lead to more cringe reacts heading your way, and attention.

    Congrats, you have gotten peoples attention.

  13. evo

    while yall keep looking at our profiles.  you went out ur way to cringe on every post lmao. imagine being obsessed with us kinda weird.

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    2. brooklyn


      or... You could mind your own business, seen as it doesn't hinder your activity on the website and you could just simply ignore it and move on with your day. That's another option. 

    3. Toucan


      its been a week dude just stop responding 

    4. brooklyn


      havent been on bud


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