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  1. 100% cheater, no cap.

    "This isn't hackusating as it is the TRUTH." - Judge Judy

  2. Once again thank you for pushing out these updates! Take a break if you need it, it is Christmas after all.
  3. Sorry to hear about your parents, truthfully I wish them the best of luck. Anyhow, thank you for updating the Rust servers and it generally has become better than what it was at the beginning of this year.
  4. Yo, Garnet. Thanks for putting in the effort and time to help meet the players demands. It should mean a lot to everyone as players and I have requested some of the features in this update.
  5. I don't play GMod but damn some of these roleplayer (ttt isn't roleplay but im talking about the vapes) perks should be put into rust smh.
  6. I'll play the 10x for you .
  7. Dope, can't wait to see the additions!
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