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  1. A5 is back lets gooooo. also great update keep it up man
  2. Party

    the brit has taken over garnet gaming. we might be in trouble..... 

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    2. PrisonNightmare


      fucking colonizers god damnit

    3. Gythem


      Just like when the Brits took over your residing region?

    4. Papiraqi


      his favorite city to visit is Boston

  3. im a new driver bitches 

  4. Sir this is not DRP. Perhaps you meant Admin or T Admin?
  5. Good job on that. glad to see that war is going to change (MRP) Exited for the new updates to come. Keep it up!
  6. Yeyyy SSO guns are useable let’s go!!
  7. Get your things to set up and don’t stress lol all good bruh
  8. Great work on the map man. Can’t wait to play it
  9. we going to war boys 🙂 

    1. Gythem


      Oh shit, man got conscripted to the IDF

    2. Party


      not yet bro although my friends and some of my family are. 

  10. youll probably wanna tag proggy in that appeal itd get locked quicker

    1. Zachman


      or me dog

    2. Party


      Oh yeah forgot I have my own forums mod in my faction 

  11. it’s been April for 14 hours. Feeling good so far

  12. Great update! played yesterday and the Hud looking great, i get more FPS on peak times and now that S&D is fixed i can go blow up some Army kids.
  13. This update is gonna do so good especially with the snipers now we can finally use sniper as you do in irl instead of just going around like its COD quickscoping each other. and obviously the entire gun rework looks really good very excited to see all of that in action.
  14. I’m waiting for my raider bunks
  15. I want to say good job @Garnet on this update we have waited for it. This update looks amazing can’t wait to play it tomorrow. and obviously grats to @Ozzy who as I said to him 20 a day he will get SA this week and he did you deserve this rank more than anyone. I look forward to see this update brings more and more players to play this amazing server.
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