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This has been an ongoing project that I've worked on since last November on and off in my spare time. I have 4 different versions trying to achieve the same thing (although one is incomplete and another is a work in progress).

I have no plans on selling this nor am I making it for another community, and I'd like to get feedback and ideas on the entire project from the MRP community. I'm exploring this project for the sake of extending my knowledge in Lua and UX/UI design.

I'm gonna try my best to avoid getting technical so I won't be showing any code snippets as that goes against the purpose of this post.


To begin, here's a description of what I currently have as of the writing of this post (for those interested, it's rather long):


Before I get into a more technical description, here's what I have so far:
- War system
    - Dynamic mode loading
    - An unfinished test mode
    - Back-ends for data manipulation, networking, wars starting and stopping, mode voting
Doesn't seem like much in writing but there is a lot of code (thankfully less than my previous revisions, but lets not talk about that)




With this third version I decided that I should both optimize and design in a way that is both flexible and performant. I only ever got as far as completing the war system in each of the revisions, so I'll only be talking about that.

The biggest change I had made from v2 to v3 was how war modes were handled. Previously, they were all loaded upon runtime - the more modes you have means more tables means more memory usage. Think of each mode as a table of functions and extra data for its config. So rather than all of the modes taking up some quite bit of space, I opted for a system that could be compared to RAM: when a mode gets loaded, it gets stored in a table that's easy for the client and server to reach; whenever a war ends, that data is purged and the table becomes empty until the next mode loads (ideally after voting).

The next change was how I handled data and networking that data between client and server. There are two types of data: "data" and "dynamic". Normal data houses information that scripts absolutely need to run, stuff like when the war ends, what phase the server is in (voting, peacetime, war), and voting data. Dynamic data houses information that is generally specific to modes, ie. scores, percentages, and so on. Do note that what I'm talking about here is unique to the war system and not for other planned extras. It was set up like this originally but would constantly network data to the client anytime a value was changed. Was a good idea, but I scrapped it for the ol' setting all values before networking. And the script that handled it was a mess scribbled with redundancy and cheap tricks to make handling different types of data easy. Now its actually much easier to read and overall more fluid allowing expansion of other data types (only supports primitives like strings and numbers atm, but easy to implement more).


And a question to the community, what sort of things would you like to see in/from this project? What sort of features, capabilities, or even war modes? I've based my current plans on what the community has suggested for GG prior, but I'd like to get a fresh take in case those have changed. I already plan on creating a loadout system that supports custom and pre-defined sets (donators), potentially a prestige system, and a squad system that everyone can use. And the modes that I have planned out are Skirmish (TDM), Domination (Objectives), and Quickpoint (Hardpoint / KOTH). And for my current plans, are there any extra ideas you may have that could develop more depth, usability, or gameplay?

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23 minutes ago, Jared Cox said:

I don’t know if this mode sounds practical but I would love a version of Halo’s oddball gamemode, where a player has to hold onto an object for a set amount of time in order to win for the team.

Entirely possible, but not practical for MRP. Sounds like an interesting side project though like maybe for a gamemode competition, but I don't think it'd fit for the average size of MRP maps and player count.


Definitely gonna keep that in mind though since that actually might be fun to port.

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This may be very hard to implement and execute but a Capture The Flag game mode might be a good idea. Where there is a flag that’s spawns for both RU and US somewhere near both bases (Spawns in a different location every war) and  US and RU have to capture the other teams flag and bring it back to their flag whilst also defending theirs this is where teamwork and cooperation comes into place and would be a real test for war leads. It’s best to whatever number and each side gets a point every time they capture the other teams flag. Just an idea but great work I love how much effort you’re putting into this.

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An update on my progress / bumping the thread (I would like more input, at best potential ideas - they do not have to modes and can be other features like the planned loadout system or whatever).

Finally got around to redesigning the massive eyesore of a HUD that I was using for the previous revisions and setting up a basic layout for the Team Deathmatch HUD.


Here's a comparison of the previous HUD to the new one:
unknown.png - old (February 2020) (Skirmish used to be Objectives, op)

unknown.png  - new

I've also designed it in a way to support themeing (in the future, not the main focus atm) with presets and custom themes. This is the dark purple theme, some other presets include lilac, dark red, and blue-gray. Some extra screenshots because why not:





unknown.png (smaller font size, taken before some text changes)

unknown.png (smaller font size, taken before some text changes)


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