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StarwarsRP Update [06/04/2020]

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Garnet Gaming

Event Maps

rp_venator_extensive > rp_venator_extensive_v1_4


New content mounted and updated

All affected content packs have been updated/over-written



Game Master Tools

Keypad tool added - allowing for more linear/paced events

Precision tool added - allowing for more precise building

Physgun made invisible - exprimental

Toolgun made invinsible - experimental



Class Changes

Pilot Squadron

ARC-170 class has been replaced with Z-95

While the spawning of ARC-170 was left enabled, the Z-95 Headhunter was added to the pool of spawn-able ships


Delta Squad

All classes now spawn with a DC-17 Pistol

Sev has a DC-17m Blaster Rifle added onto his loadout


91st Mobile Recon Corps

Playermodel Changes

91st Trooper Commander:






Lightning Squadron : Recon






Lightning Squadron : Commander







Credit Shop

Payroll price raised from 100 to 150

Payroll amount raised from 5,000 to 10,000




Thermal Detonator

Throw force raised by 42% - i'm not entirely sure of what this will translate to in-game

Throw force  if charging/moving forward increased by an additional 25%, for a total of 77%

Throw force is moving backwards will remain at the current value

Utilizing right click to throw a thermal grenade will throw it at a very short distance

Right click throwing will be affected by your movement direction similarly to left clicking



Misc & Bugs

Logging System

Given permission to Senior, Lead Administrator and Moderator permission to review logs

GMs now hold the ability to !goto, !return, !send, and !bring

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Love the update! Can’t wait to do some events without people hearing toolgun spam 😂!


Love the precision tool! Good update 😄 thanks Garnet



!goto and !bring - do not work - even while on the GM whitelist




Physgun is invisible but tool gun is not silent.

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Glad 91st finally got the right playermodels lol. Also thanks for fixing the problems with S. Mod, and L. Mod. I was so confused when I started to take reports and the thing just didn't want to work. Keep up the great work tho Garnet!

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