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TTT Rotations BETA Update [06/07/2020]

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Garnet Gaming

Thank you to the TTT staff team for bringing up some of these issues with me and populating the Rotational Server in order to allow for troubleshooting!



The following have been added

On 12/7/2019 at 7:11 PM, Garnet said:
  • Only Detectives are able to claim rooms & areas. Claims must be clearly announced via game chat.


On 12/7/2019 at 7:11 PM, Garnet said:
  • Tinkering or transporting bodies without Detective orders is considered a traitorous act



Bugs & Misc

D3A - /PO will no longer require you to be in AdminMode

D3A - /forcespectate no longer checks for a players' rank and works globally

D3A - /respawn has been reworked and should be compatible with TTT

Map rotation vote-times were brought down to 15 seconds from 60



Map Rotation

Complete overhaul, including multiple maps removed, and 2 new maps added

All unpopular maps have been removed from the server, these include MCIsland, Skylands, Jondome, Desert, Snowden, and Terminal. Instead, MC Dolls and Clue have been added.

The current map selection looks like this:







City V4









City V3


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9 minutes ago, Garnet said:

Map rotation vote-times were brought down to 15 seconds from 60

Was probably the most common complaint I heard when I hopped on TTT. 

The remaining maps are not only classics, but the best of the classics. 

Great update and I hope staff are happy with the command fixes.

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Thank you for the updates Garnet! I'm excited to see how these changes help maintain server pop and player interest.

We'll continue to keep our eyes out for for any remaining bugs/glitches, and get that feedback to you 😊

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