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4 minutes ago, Gythem said:

I would say the original Echo did quite well and I've heard from various players that they like that map. The second version of Echo however was disliked because the only routes you could practically take were through valleys unlike going on top of mountains. Obviously it could use a little touch-up to prevent people from getting on the two mountains by the boardwalk, but other than that I think the original Echo was pretty good.

Anyway +1 to Taiga, from what I've heard it is like Chaharikar but revamped, I personally have never played it so I'm down to play something new.

The problems with original Echo were the awful fps, and the bridge cap being janky. Even with a powerful computer, the frames were terrible.

The bridge cap was fixed to be village, which was great. I actually liked the map design of Echo v1: good flank routes, harder to basecamp, but it wasn't worth the frame drops.

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Note to those saying 'playerbase was best during Chaharikar' while this is true, we also have not been on Taiga in 2 years, and originally it did VERY well. Worst comes to worst if it's not well-recei

#Taiga2020 lets make it happen come specially if garnet is gonna switch to char if taiga dont do to hot why not give taiga a shot now yall. worst comes worst we tried out a new map and wowza we're bac

What would you like to see next? At this point, I've completely omitted maps which cause a dip in our playerbase, IE: Echo/Siberia and have deleted their content.   Taiga_v3 L

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