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[DRP] Removal of Unbox

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Attention Garnet Gamers

I'm sure many of the DarkRP players here are aware of the stability issues we have been having recently.
Garnet has been looking into this issue all day, and he's suspecting that the issue is stemming from our Unbox plugin.
Unfortunately, Unbox will need to be wiped or even removed entirely.
We understand this is a big deal to many players, and that unbox offers exclusive content.
However, Server stability is really important for the server population to remain healthy.
If Unbox gets fully removed, we can see about updating how the exclusive content found in unbox can be delivered through other means of gameplay.

This announcement is intended to give a 48 hour notice to our players that unbox will be wiped and/or removed.
My recommendation would be to store your most valuable unbox items in your bank, and to use (or gift) the less valuable items in the next 48 hours.


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To provide more information as to what’s going to happen, Unbox will be partially recoded and utilize new data storage methods, as such, it will inevitably wipe in 48 hours. it will then be tested with the new method for stability. If this new method does not work, I will unfortunately have to rid of the addon or have it recoded more professionally as it is too advanced for me to recreate. Sorry for the inconvenience, however, the server will hopefully not experience any instabilities following this!

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12 minutes ago, Entity said:

Well I'm glad there's some changes being made that may improve the stability of the server, regardless if it removes one of our prime features.

I personally wouldn't call unboxing a "prime feature" it was actually added very recently, but despite the fact, i'm trying my best to keep it as many people enjoy it.

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I hope you can recode it so it works because that is a big money maker if your lucky also don't over work yourself take time off too lol servers are important somewhat but your health is Number 1 lol.  Can't wait!


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