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Trouble In Terrorist Town Update [07/08/2020]

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Garnet Gaming

Almost out of "beta" with a completed server

Not even sure what's missing before we're ready to open up more servers?



Spent the past 14 or so hours adding items onto point shop and finely tweaking their positions

MySQL integration is ready for cross-server support

All we are missing is better pricing on items, and determining which items are to be used for Premium points (donators) only. As you know, our TTT server has burnt me an over $2000 hole in the pocket because we have a dedicated machine for these servers, but they have never had an incentive to bring in donations. RIP in chat.

Here are some of the category you would find in the PointShop



limit of 1 wearable at a time




Limit of 3 wearable at a time





Limit of 1 wearable at a time






Other Categories

Pets, Powerups, and Permanent Weapons are still under construction




Misc and Bugs

Credit Shop

The following have been REMOVED from Credit Shop

Prop Exploder

Hermes Boots

Gas Grenades


The following have been ADDED to Credit Shop

Silenced AWP (T)

M4A1-S (T)




Minimum number of players online for a Detective to spawn has been bumped down from 10 to 9




The command /unstuck has been added for players who spawn in and are unable to move due to being stuck inside a prop/other players or any other reason that may subject them to use this command!

Partciularly in Minecraft based maps it is very easy to get stuck inside of doors for instance due to the use of brushes and them being turned into rotation doors with janky controls



Mutation Rounds

Boss Rounds

New formula created for Boss Rounds

Boss Health = (Players online * 500) + 750

Example with 10 players online: Boss Health = 10*500 + 750 = 5750

Example with 30 players online: Boss Health = 30*500 + 750 = 15750 



Super Speed

Speed increase has been decreased from 300% to 200% in order to be more manageable while still being hectic





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I've got eyes on the Jawa skin, hope I can earn that without donator points.

Also it's Freddy krueger and it's spelled kruger on the pointshop. My grammar police eyes burn at the sight of that mistake.

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