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Trouble In Terrorist Town Update [08/19/2020]


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Thank you to @Jalapeno for the document provided in completing parts of this update



'In Progress' section has been added to 'Suggestions'

'Accepted' and 'Denied' sections have been added to 'Reports and Appeals'




'ForceSpectate' has been removed from Trial Moderator as requested by Jalapeno



Server Rules




Minecraft Rotational

Map Pool

ttt_mc_mineshaft has been added onto the map pool



The following maps have been removed due to bugs and having more up-to-date iterations installed

ttt_minecraft_city_V3 > Replaced by V4

ttt_mc_terminal_a3 > Replaced by a4

ttt_mc_treehouse > Bug ridden



Vanilla Rotational

Map Pool

ttt_community_pool_2017 has been added onto the map pool



ttt_lost_temple_v2 has been added onto the map pool



The following maps have been removed due to being too large for our relative playerbase

1. ttt_amsterville_2015 > Too large

2. ttt_slender > Too large

3. ttt_rooftops_a2 > New version available

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