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ClonewarsRP Server Closing [9/13/2020]

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It is with a heavy heart that I'm going to have to announce that this weekend, roughly in 4 days from now, I will unfortunately have to shut down ClonewarsRP and find my next venture within Garry's Mod.

This project has largely eaten up 3 months of my life and cost me a great deal of my personal time and resources at little return, followed by alot of empty promises from members of the community. At the end of the day, I learned alot more about development in lua from this project, but I did wish it got to stick around, however, I cannot force members of the community to up-hold their promise in sticking around and hosting events, and unfortunately, I myself do not have the time to sit on a server and entertain the masses.

I thank all of you  who participated and enjoyed the server/staffed on it. I apologize that this is what it has come to. I will look into potentially re-instating the server at Christmas time or 2021's summer break seeing as I would love to keep the server going with how much attention to detail and time I had spent on it.

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No way, I legit just started getting interested on this server. I hope it will work out in the future if you do bring it back. It was a good run with new players and concurrent players that I have met on there. 

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You guys still have 3 whole days to potentially bring CWRP back by being active/afking on the server, but I personally am not willing to pour more hours into development for the time being.

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